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By Chris
Welcome to MoylesWorld, now resting safely at its new home. We have taken the opportunity to do some redesigning both in the way MoylesWorld looks and the way it operates behind-the-scenes. This means the experience should be better and faster for you, and it is much easier for us to maintain the site. Now you know why the old MoylesWorld site was getting neglected, nearly a month of work has gone into the redesign and back-end scripting of this new site !

You'll notice that all Sound files are offline at the moment whilst we transfer them to the new server - it will take us quite a few days to complete this, keep watching the link from the main page to see when the 'MoylesWorld Sound Vault' opens it's doors. Once launched you will find more sounds than ever before, and all hosted locally - this means 100% availability, and a great increase in speed of downloads.

Some of the other changes you will notice include the new style news page - redesigned so the news comes from a database meaning it can be updated by any of the MoylesWorld Team in a matter of seconds. The 'True or False' section has now closed, no one ever used it, we figured no one would miss it.

We pay for this new server we are hosting MoylesWorld on, and we therefore respectively ask that you don't steal (or link to) our pictures, files or data (and visit the site regularly !). If we run into trouble we will close the site which is the last thing we want to have to do.

I would like to draw your attention to the following important fact (which you can view on the 'Contact Page') : This site is a loss making venture - we pay for webhosting and offer our time for free, we sell no advertising, we promote no products, we charge no subscription - we offer our services to you without commitment. Our aim is not - and never will be - to profit from the work of others. Please bear this in mind when contacting us.

Finally, if you feel you have something to offer then please feel free to contact us here. We are always looking for responsible people to join the team to research and enter news stories, update the site, search for new information, come up with ideas etc. If you're interested send a few details about yourself to [][/url] and we'll consider you.

If you notice any problems when visting the site then please contact us. The site has gone through limited testing (thanks Rick) so should be fine !

That's it for the very first news posting in the new relaunched MoylesWorld site, tell all your friends about us, and enjoy !

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