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By 4Real
you are a trendy in the fact that you think you arent. Like all fake alternatives you have fashionable demarcations which you stay within. I alienate myself from all these borders, i am a real freak (not a fashionable version, ppl should learn true meaning of freak, it doesnt mean slipknot fan) and trendy to myself.
By Tom_[MW]
Yeah, course you are mate.<P>So free thinking, radical and breaking out from society's demarKations (though with a c is *apparently* sometimes acceptable) that you spend a large amount of time frequenting the messageboard of a mainstream Radio 1, 5 million listeners, Steps liking media tart DJ, who probably crosses the road to avoid people like you (as I imagine you dress)<P>Real different and out of the mainstream aren't you...I really hope you're just bored and fancy coming on this board and doing a rather elaborate joke, mustn't be too hard on you though, you like the Manics afterall...<P>Sorry for the dots...just trying to be a bit individual...not qUIte aS cOoL AS aLTERnatIng bETweEN cAPs anD LoWeR CaSE, NoW tHAt *iS* cOol<br> <br><p>[Note: This message has been edited by Tom [MW]]<br>

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