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By dimtimjim
Umm... surprised no one else has done this, given the content of the show this morning, but...

Happy Back to the Future day to one and all.

Gonna watch the films tonight (well, two of 'em, anyway). Oh yeah...
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By Yudster
Well the third film was dreadful so two will be enough.
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By slaphead1982
Yudster wrote:Well the third film was dreadful so two will be enough.

I would'nt call it dreadful, Not as good as the first one, Sure. I like all three though.
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By Yudster
No, it was dreadful. Thrown together in a "Aaargh, we have to make a film in two hours, quick, think of a plot and some words!" kind of way.
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By Topher
Ha I didn't think it was dreadful. Ben, have a word with yourself.
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By dimtimjim
I do believe parts 2 and 3 of the film were made back to back. I too don't think part 3 was dreadful, but each to their own.

Did it last night, watched part 2 after dinner. Loved it. Mini-me loved it too. Which is always nice in a film made 14 years before he was!

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