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I'm still here - I've been one of the three people who consistently uses the chatroom that Chris is going to axe. Ah well.

I'm still working at the same place - doing my manager's job now, but unfortunately she gets the money for it. That's life.

Baby Yudster started secondary school this week........

Where's Boboff?
Well, as of today we have a school child...

I got a new job almost exactly at the point Chris finished (in fact I was in my last job for almost exactly the same duration as Chris did the breakfast show). I now have a longer commute, so I will have to try and work out the best way James' thread to get DAB in my car.
Nicola_Red wrote:
Johnny 1989 wrote:Since Moyles left I have become an avid 6Music listener and have discovered many new artists/bands over the last three years, don't miss Radio 1's playlist at all

We have 6 Music on in the office occasionally and whilst I don't mind the majority of the playlist, I can't STAND Lauren Laverne. Not that I like Clara Amfo on R1 any better. But I still listen to R1 the majority of the time, I still like pop music.

Yeah Lauren Laverne is rather marmite although she's a lot better than she used to be.

Radcliffe & Maconie, Marc Riley, Craig Charles Funk 'n' Soul Show & 6Mix are the best things on there although Steve Lamac & Mary-Anne Hobbs are rather good too. More or less a line up of Radio 1 from 1993-2004 [emoji14]
Except Mayo, who is EXCELLENT on Radio 2.
Simon Mayo is a radio god, I agree. i also really like Chris Evan's breakfast show, I've always like Evans in general and since I started listening to R2 in the mornings I have become very fond of the show. Sara Cox tends to cover when he is off and she is beginning to annoy me a bit, truth be told.
Joined this site the day after Moyles' last show (after lurking for a long time). Aside from listening to the old shows (just started June of 2007), I've become an avid listener to Simon Mayo's drivetime show as well as his movie review show with Mark Kermode. Thanks to someone on this site for recommending that! Otherwise not much has changed. I work at the same place as I did 3 years ago. Still live in the same place. And I'm 3 years older. Not much has really changed for me. Don't know if that's good or bad.
I've been building a new life for myself(long story) over the last 2-and-a-half years and part of that, lately, has involved growing my presence online. My most recent interest has been my Instagram account, which suits me well, having a natural interest in photography and all that.

flyingbadger wrote:
swaddon1903 wrote:
foot-loose wrote:Is it a good kettle?

Oh yeah. It's red, and it boils water.

* flashy bastard with yer kettle that boils water.
Mines manages a temperature of around tepid jizz.

Classic Badger right there folks

I've got a purple and white one. A Linette. And it boils! Actually it's a travel kettle, so it's only about half size. #Diminutive

I kinda acquired it when I moved into my current flat, back at the start of 2013. I could've bought a full size one since, but since this one still works I haven't bothered. It was new back then, but even so, it's probably lasted well, considering I'm a coffee fiend(A coffiend?) and I boil it several times a day at least. Sometimes it leaks when it boils and spits a bit of water out where the switch is, but that just adds to its character.
I'm not lame or anything.
That's beautiful. Just beautiful.
Sweet Jesus! Feels like being in a bloody Tardis.

*dusts off account*

Nice reading what you've been up to, I had a holiday.

Speaking of kettles I did indeed descale mine a couple of months back. I'm glad I did just in time for the water to give us all up here the s***s, suffice to say, kettle is now ready for retirement after that.

Zoot, do you still have a bar? Wasn't it 3 years ago today by the way? All the more reason to get sloshed.
Shanghai last year, twas good.
Moved into London
New job (and still there)
Dumped ex-girlfriend (the looney she was)
Met someone else
Having baby (sooner than we want because of baby momma's health)

Looks like none of you have changed that much. Charming.
I decided I needed to take more holidays, so I changed things around re-prioritized and made some deals, and now I'm taking more Holidays.

I have just booked a 4 day three night stay in the Cotswolds (Coventry) on Majestic Coach tours, Turkey and Tinsel, with a trip to Birmingham Christmas market included , yeah I know, totally posh innit!

The hotel has a kettle the size of a Hamster for boiling water, I must try hard not to confuse it with a hamster, or other small rodent, having sex with a kettle is ill advised.

I have now been a qualified nurse for 18 months. I work in haematology and oncology but specialise in cancer of the blood, mainly leukaemia and lymphoma. I'm starting my chemotherapy course in April.

Still married and Reuben ( baby circa 2010) will be 5 on Tuesday. :)

Meet up with Zoot about twice a year and I made chrysostomomom a steak.
Boboff wrote:The hotel has a kettle the size of a Hamster for boiling water, I must try hard not to confuse it with a hamster, or other small rodent, having sex with a kettle is ill advised.

That would be a coffee enema with a difference.
foot-loose wrote:
Boboff wrote:Mammals are still prohibited, although there is one cute donkey......................

That's no way to talk about Yudster :(

That donkey was way cuter than me. I hate that bitch.

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Radio 1 road shows!!

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