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By Bruvva
You realise that noone outside of the barren north will get that picture?

Chrys, get one of these. They're shiny. Probably the best android one out there at the mo.
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By Bruvva
I've met Scotchers with no teeth, they blame tablet :D
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By Topher
Ha - I got it, foot-loose sent me tablet.
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By charla
I got it. I heard the legend about Foot-Loose's tablet.
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By Yudster
Foot - Loose is not a legend, he is a myth. We had such a need for him we made him up, and now we hold him in reverence and awe as the arbiter of all that is desirable about Forum life.
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By DevilsDuck
chrysostom wrote:Need to get a tablet at work - any one got some good suggestions?

(mainly used for social media, teleprompting and presenting)

Nexus 7.

Foot-loose is not a myth
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