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By dimtimjim
Ha ha! Only just noticed this thread! Very good work Mr Badger sir, I like it. I especially like the attention to detail of giving my bike an underseat exhaust. I also assume that's a bag i'm carrying..? My usual 'man bag' packed with everything you need before you leave the house: copy of razzle, crack pipe, desert eagle .50, photo of Yuds, hankie and bottle of evian*.

* other over-priced tap-waters are available.
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By Topher
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By dimtimjim
Tee-hee-hee. My first thought was helmut, but when I looked more it seemed a little square, hence my question! Certainly no offence at your drawing talents, just wrong assumptions from me. Doh!

Still lovin it!
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By charla
Do you have a square head then?
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By dimtimjim
Hmmm.... A bit. I suppose.
By bmstinton93
flyingbadger wrote:
Bonanzoid wrote:Top work Badge. You has skillz.

My bills have indeed been paid this month.

bmstinton93 wrote:I think I'm impressed...


Well it is still a bit of a raw subject... :/
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By The Deadly
You won't be forever. Soon enough you'll find someone else and it will all be forgotten. Might be tomorrow, might be in a year but it will happen.
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By chrysostom
Don't worry Ben, I know the average salary if an ICAEW member, you'll be fine in the end :)
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By flyingbadger
bmstinton93 wrote:Well it is still a bit of a raw subject... :/

Ah well, can't say I didn't try to raise a smile.

Never mind wee cheeky-chops you can always give Grindr a go, you might like it.

*skips off*
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