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By The Deadly
Wow guys the moment is here. This is the all purpose Deadly 3000th post spectacular. In this thread you can post photos or videos to show how you feel about it or you can find old posts I made and then agree that I was 100% correct all along. I'd also like a big argument with someone as I feel it is very fitting for the occasion.

JayE is not eligable for the argument as he is too young.
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By The Deadly
Come on everybody!!!!
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By The Deadly
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By The Deadly
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By Topher
Hahaha. I was so tempted to suggest that Chris make up a rule that this breaches and retrospectively act on it.... but then I thought it'd be funnier if the thread was left to fester. Chris' response was brilliant though.
This was Tim's 5000 post -

dimtimjim wrote:
bmstinton93 wrote:I really don't understand it :/

Me neither! £1.60 for Coke but £2.00 for a Caramel... Wrong.

Bit pish by comparison.
Edit -

This was Chris' 5000th -

Chris wrote:It was a small issue with the server, now resolved.


*Double Edit*

The was DevilDuck on his 4000th -

DevilsDuck wrote:
dimtimjim wrote: My car has set me back over £20,000 to date - 0-60 in 6.5 secs. On the other hand, my motorbike cost me less than £2k and does 0-60 in 2.5 secs, 0-100 in 5.5 and onto 165 flat out. Love it.

Pure baws.

This was Lottie's 1st post -

charlalalalottie wrote:Todays show was good, not as good as yesterdays though with the fish. Does anyone know how you can post a review, i keep clicking on the page but it says it doesnt exist. thanks :)

Little bit blue. Oo'er.
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By Topher
Post number 8,453 on my old account please.

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