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Yes! i went relatively understated in the end, after trying many on and sending them all back, it's just from the high street. All the pics I like best turned out to be the ones that were taken outside, when it was mostly covered by my vintage fur coat. I have this one, which was taken by my aunt:

DevilsDuck wrote:Was it real fur?

Ha! Of course not. Any vegan considerations aside, I hate the feel of real fur. One of my aunts had a real fur jacket when I was a kid and I remember getting the job of taking the coats upstairs when they came round and the feel of it was just...urgh.

The jacket I'm wearing was very cheap from ebay, a couple of years ago, but I haven't worn it much as it's just never cold enough in this country anymore. A January wedding in Scotland was the perfect opportunity. I bought a beautiful 1960s silver handbag to match it, and silver Converse to change into after the ceremony (my red heels were not that high, but I still couldn't stay in them for more than a couple of hours, I'm rubbish at wearing heels in my old age).
Yeah, Gretna is beautiful. I think some people think that it's like a wedding conveyor belt but it really isn't. I couldn't have been any happier with our choice (although a part of me would have loved to go to Vegas, but we just couldn't afford it).
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