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Don't say that :) When we can afford a party, there WILL be a cake. We did consider ordering a cake from The Vegan Cakery to be delivered to the hotel, just so we can stuff ourselves the next morning along with our champagne breakfast...but I'll probably end up carrying Mr Red home in a diabetic coma.
Nicola_Red wrote:We did consider ordering a cake from The Vegan Cakery

You must watch this.

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By dimtimjim
3 nights accommodation (standard double/family rooms for all guests and a bridal suite Inc Jacuzzi for the 'appy couple) in a 5* Spa/Golf resort in Southern Spain for 37 people including a slap-up meal on the Saturday night...

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By Nicola_Red
Sounds pretty bargainous. One of the women I know via the wedding forum is getting married in Spain, but the ceremony isn't legal for some reason so they have to go to a registry office here and get legally married first. A surprising number of people are doing something like that - mainly cos they want humanist or handfasting type weddings. All sounds like a lot of hippy nonsense to me :)
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By dimtimjim
Yeah, price quoted above is for what it says its for - NOT a Spanish 'wedding' ceremony (as you're right, they're not valid, except in certain places). So would need a registry office wedding on top of that, approx £140.
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By dimtimjim

Quote edit, bestest fun ever.

love you badger! x
Glad my wedding is so hilarious! This doesn't happen on the wedding forum...*dramatic flounce*
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By Nicola_Red
I was picturing it with a hair-flip. Except I've had to cut my hair so short to try to get most of the colour out before the wedding that I don't have enough to flip at the moment.
Nope, not yet :) At the moment my mum is working on making my bouquet and I'm in the process of getting a bunch of pieces of Scottish tablet ordered for our favours. Dress is still in progress. I still need shoes and some other accessories. Christmas is starting to loom large so I'm worried about how I'm gonna pay for everything, but you know, it'll work itself out.
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By dimtimjim
Nicola_Red wrote: so I'm worried about how I'm gonna pay for everything

Get one of these.... :wink:

We got married yesterday at Gretna Green. In case anyone's still interested!
Belated congratulations from me!!
One way or another I managed to completely miss this thread, neither the time it was initially made nor the times it's been bumped coincided with the rare times I was active on here in the last couple of years or so. But I do kinda remember back during the brief period when I was regularly posting here(Summer 2012 I think) reading that you'd met someone and that it had a special feeling about it. Lovely to see how things have worked out!

Wishing you much happiness :)
Finally added a decent quality pic. I know, I know, it's old news now! But just in *case* anyone wanted to see it.
Thankyou :) We had a very small ceremony, 11 guests, all immediate family, meal at a restaurant afterwards, no big reception or anything. We had initially planned to have a party back in Manc afterwards but we didn't have the money and I was just burnt out from planning and couldn't be bothered. Even planning a tiny wedding is really, really hard work.
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By Yudster
Congratulations Nic!

Nic, after all the discussion about what you were going to wear, what did you wear? Have you got a picture of you in your wedding dress?
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Should be ok now :)