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By Longview01
I'm not sure if I have ever spoken about this and my addiction to finding something wrong with myself on here before but its driving me so mad in the last 24 hours that I feel a thread to clear my thoughts would help.

Last night at about 11pm myself and Mrs Longview went to bed...she went to the toilet first and I went afterwards as its common practise in our house to use the loo before sleeping. Let me just state at this point that Mrs Longview is currently at "that" time of the month.

I stood at the loo and started to wee...when I looked down I was peeing on abit of toilet roll that was left in in there....and it had blood on it. Now my instant thought was that I had pee'd out that blood and there is something really wrong with me and i'm going to die from it.

Obviously she has explain the blood was hers and that I am being silly again....but now everytime I pee I keep checking to make sure there is no blood and its driving me insane...really insane!
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By Yudster
First - hypochondriac.

Second - I would say this is more obsessive/compulsive than hypochondria. You know, logically, that the blood wasn't yours, you've been given an explanation for it which you understand and believe. The need to keep checking is a response to the obsessive/compulsive element, not because you genuinely think you are ill.

I would say keep checking. You are doing no-one any harm, and after a while you will get through the compulsive phase. The only negative thing is that it is causing you concern. Perhaps if you "give yourself permission" to keep checking, the fact that you are doing it won't make you so anxious?
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By a-moron
Yudster wrote:First - hypochondriac.

Maybe he's just really fast at worrying about his health.

Edit -

Sorry Longview, should mention I lol'd abit at your story.


Double edit -

And your sig. Love your sig.
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By Nicola_Red
I've convinced myself I have a disease in the past, but that's just a case of experiencing certain symptoms and matching them up to something I've read on the internet, rather than completely imagining an illness. During a period of crippling acid reflux I was sure I had gallstones, but I did not. It doesn't help that my dad has worked for UniChem for much of his adult life and so considers himself something of a self-taught expert on diseases and medicines. During the acid reflux incident he advised it was probably an ulcer (on the phone to my mother: "You wouldn't be being sick if it was an ulcer...(pause for voice in the background)...oh no, your dad says you would.") Cheers dad!

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