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Kia Sedona
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By Boboff
Must be originally released this year, even if a cover etc.

Your all time top tunes from the last twelve months.

Just a little straw poll to to keep the Nadger Badger Amuzed!!
By bmstinton93
Psy - Gangnam Style

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By a-moron
Great post there Ben.
Can't see one single error in there at all.
Not one.

I've went for Danish Semi-Detached Yakuza -

Don't you fret old man
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By a-moron
I take it you also don't know how to override the spell-checker function using Tapatalk.

[youtube]Pay? Who the * is Pay?[/youtube ]
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By a-moron
Chris wrote:I also managed to spill the tea in the process, so I now look like I've pissed myself. Thanks Ben.

Well worth the hot crotch Chris. It didnae work.
It doesn't seem to like the links.

bmstinton93 from tapatalk should have wrote:Psy - Gangnam Style

By HA94
Fun. - We Are Young

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By Yudster
Oooh good call from HA94 there.
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By Boboff
Does no one want to play?

People not back to work till next week?

Anyway, one last go, more in deference to the Tea Soaked efforts of our Lord and Master.


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By Bonanzoid
Can't think of many songs that have stood out, so I'll plump for this due to its cause. The Justice Collective.

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By MK Chris
I think Fun Period definitely had the song of the year.
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By dimtimjim
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By Yudster
I know this is a bit cheesy, but I bloody love it. She Wolf, David Guetta

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By Latina
Is this still open?

Rudimental - "Feel The Love" ft. John Newman. Reminds me of the final few weeks of the Chris Moyles Show.

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By Boboff

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