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By Nicola_Red
Topher wrote:I think the BBC occasionally repeat The Detectives don't they? I loved that too.

If they have I've missed it. I would kinda like to see it again, but as I say, I feel I'm setting myself up for disappointment. Another one that happened to me with is Bread - I loved it at the time, my mum bought one of the series on dvd recently, and it just isn't funny. In fact I was left wondering how I ever found it funny.
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By MK Chris
I've only ever seen Bread early in the morning on UK Gold and no, not funny.
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By Nicola_Red
We watched it religiously when I was a kid. Goodness knows why.
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By Johnny 1989
I get what you mean regarding shows dating, my Dad had ITV 3 on recentley & they had "On The Buses" on, my Dad remarked at how incredibly dated it was & how it just wasn't funny anymore, I had to agree. 2 Point 4 Children was a much better version of My Family, last time I watched it it was dated but still funny

Red Dwarf is a bit of a strange one, Series III-VIII have dated rather well & still look great today (barring the odd dodgy monster, see Polymorth), however Dave had Series I on the other day & my word does that set & uniform date the show terribly, the God they finally got a cash boost to improve to overall look for Series III as looks wise it's leaps & bounds better than Series I & II, the episodes are still as great, however the first two series looked dated even for 1987
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By MK Chris
I still like On the Buses sometimes...
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By Nicola_Red
Yeah, I think it had its moments. I mean all tv shows from the past will have dated in terms of sets, costumes etc (unless they were period dramas to start with), and some have dated in terms of sexist/homophobic/racist jokes that we don't really consider acceptable anymore, but some of them just seem to date in another way that 's more difficult to put your finger on. I guess classics like Fawlty Towers just had that timeless quality in the writing that makes them still funny now - but I don't know what that quality is or how you would define it.
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By MK Chris
It's possibly being ahead of your time in a way. I certainly think very well-written and clever comedies age better than slapstick such as On the Buses. I suppose Fawlty Towers was quite slapstick though, so it doesn't follow for that.
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By dimtimjim
Mongrels was good.... Velly fanny.
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By charla
I liked Mongrels as well, the BBC seems to be axing the majority of my viewing.
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By English Bob
Amazing TV shows eh? Ready for all these?

*glances at DVD collection*

The Wire
Mad Men
The Sopranos
Breaking Bad
Band of Brothers
True Blood
Sons of Anarchy
Third Watch
Battlestar Galactica
Flight of the Conchords
Twin Peaks
Game of Thrones
Boardwalk Empire

...and finally, possibly my favourite television show of all time...Six Feet Under. :D

I'm sure there's some there I've forgot...oh well.
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By Nicola_Red
I LOVED Six Feet Under! Ah, Peter Krause *sigh*
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By Johnny 1989
chrysostom wrote:Drop the dead donkey is still funny, but an odd one as it was originally topical (in relation to the week it was broadcast)

Yeah I think Drop The Dead Donkey is one of those rare exceptions where a topical comedy years later can still be funny, some aren't any more as they're just too dated (Spitting Image has some sketches that many wouldn't get at all now, like when the SDP was formed, for example).

One I found difficult to enjoy on a recent viewing was The Young Ones, don't get me wrong parts of it were hilarious but some of the political stuff just didn't work any more, whereas with Bottom because there is no political connections it still works today. One Foot In The Grave works well still also, especially as there seems to be more Victor Meldrew's around these days than there has ever been :lol:
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By English Bob
Johnny 1989 wrote:, whereas with Bottom because there is no political connections it still works today.

The Bottom Live Show is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. And it's all on youtube! Enjoy :D

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By dimtimjim
I have always been an admirer of Bottom. And bottom, but thats another thread entirely.
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By John22
Nicola_Red wrote:Did anyone watch Pan Am? I quite fancied the look of it, but I do know it's been cancelled, so not sure if it's worth downloading.

Despite the poor reviews and my gender I thought Pan Am was fantastic, I really loved it. Despite rumours it hasn't officially been cancelled yet either, but they have cut the first season from 22 to 14 episodes. They're still waiting to show the last six (I think) of those on BBC 2.

EDIT: After googling I see it's coming back a week on Saturday.
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By Yudster
Phineas and Ferb. I know its a kids programme but its a brilliant concept, brilliantly written and performed, with a great soundtrack, and because its so skillfully done it has appeal to adults and kids alike.
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By Boboff
Lie to Me, Medium, Quantum Leap.

That Arquett women is just so so so Yummy. Cal Lightman is the best, and Quantum Leap just doesn't date at all, because mainly its set in the past! Boom!

The Midwife calling on this Sunday I have enjoyed so far, and Miranda on this week can only help.
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