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You disrespectful son of a *.

How dare you speak those words on a public forum and not expect some form of backlash.

This mini is super. Bad James.

*Edit - Bugger. Topher beat me.
*Also next page syndrome. *.
R94N wrote:I thought it was interesting with the very low mileage. It's essentially like new still.

Each to their own, it is bloomin low mileage for the age!

I'm picking this up tomorrow:

So we slate the charismatic mini but are happy about the boring toyota? Each to their own.
I think that's the same car my mate has, although his might be a very similar Hyundai. If it is, it's rather nice but not if you're sat in the back for a road trip. I was comfy enough (just) but my mate who's bigger had a horrid time of it.
I have never understood naming a piece of machinery. Ever.

I saw two people pushing a new shape Mini this morning.
Stupid as it sounds, I feel like my car has a personality. Possibly because half of the things on there don't work so I put it down as it's "personality" rather than get annoyed that to reverse you have to plead with the gear stick. I find it easier to drive though if I think of it as that rather than just a car because I get very aware I'm driving and it becomes a bit laboured.

I don't think that made any sense but to me it does.
Topher wrote:I have never understood naming a piece of machinery. Ever.

I saw two people pushing a new shape Mini this morning.

I can see your point, but when we named our car in Guadeloupe - Little Beest [sic]. It was spelled weirdly because the second word was Flemish (I think) as we had a Belgian flatmate. That car was absolutely horrendous, but I loved everything about it. The windows that wouldn't wind down but would go down by putting your hand on it and pulling, the terrible tiny engine, the lack of power steering, the gear changes that were virtually a workout. It was great fun.
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By chrysostom
chrysostom wrote:I love my 1.4l, black 2 door Peugeot 206. Had him for 7 years now (my first and to date, only car) - survived 2 break ins, a tail light theft and 1 crash, without a doubt my favourite possession. I'll cry the day that I have to say goodbye.

ps. His name is Leroy

Posted this last year - still applies. I always refer to the car as a him, I guess I've been through a lot with this car and spent a lot of time in it. Huge emotional attachment for me.
I've been told I'm being grumpy on this, but I genuinely don't get it at all. I understand there being an attachment of some kind to your car, but not giving it a name.
You're comparing apples and oranges though; pets are sentient beings and cars are machines. That said, we have two fish and a loach thing without names.
James H wrote:I'm gonna say it. I hate old Minis.

Well you're clearly wrong. Original mini's are the bomb. If you don't 'get' it, you've clearly never driven one.

I used to have one, stage 2 tuned 1300cc MG Metro engine in it with semi-rally spec brakes and suspension. That thing would out drag an M3, back in the day. Only did 110mph flat out, but got there quick. Straight through exhaust too (no baffles) so could be heard coming from miles away...!

Best cars ever. Ok?
Heartfelt plea - if any of you know of a small, economical to run and reliable car that I could buy for about 25p (well not that, but you know what I mean) could you point me in the direction? Also, as buying a car can take a while and my need is uber-urgent, I know this is a long shot but if anyone knows of anything that I could borrow for a week - maybe two - let me know?

I know Autotrader is out there but without someone who knows what they are talking about to reassure me that something is worth it, I have no confidence in myself here.

This is a second car by the way, the Cee'd is still lovely - but Mr Yudster needs it for work, and now he isn't working locally any more I have to be available for Baby Yudster and school runs in a way that public transport simply doesn't allow...

Thank you lovelies.
First post in here. Today signalled the start of me being on the road! After passing my test 2 years ago I haven't driven since. Today I took my first refresher lesson as with my new job starting in 2 weeks I've decided I can afford to start looking for a car!
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