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Old TopGear on 4x4s. Clarkson was so well spoken.
Got car back, all good, in fact better (making less noise) than it has been for over a year now.

£800 in the end. Which, although undoubtedly pish, is certainly better than I feared it'd be on monday night when Mr AA said it was 'box...

Ho hum.
Car is off to the mechanic today. Been making a whining noise for occasionally the last week but last night it got worse and was constant the whole drive. Then the front started smoking. Suspicions of a belt about to go :(
Thank you. Can't really afford for it to be anything major.
No, I can sympathise, especially at this time of year when all you hpoe for is a nice quiet month as you recover from Christmas.
Wasn't even like Christmas was that expensive. I just have no money generally. Oh well, I'm being positive that it's getting looked at before the belt has actually gone on it.
My car went off on another AA truck last night, some sort of drive train problem - basically a loud clunk when I pull away and the steering pulling hard to the left, steering then straightens with another clunk when I brake. Luckily happened when I left work last night so only 1 mile from office, sent car on the way (after waiting for AA from 16:15 - 19:45 :( ) and booked myself into hotel again (luckily I had put a bag in the boot with a few clean pairs o pants in it - otherwise am wearing same outfit as yesterday - humph).

No doubt Bob will see this as another chance for me to 'show off' on my lovely transport outlay, even if the truth of the matter is more along the lines of being crippled by it. But, what can I do...?!

Twice in two weeks, FFS. Ho hum.
Just a ball joint which had collapsed... All sorted and I can go organise a train back to collect car later! Weight off my mind... (and wallet).
Tim - you need a new car.
Kinda - at least with my current car I know its history... And a fix for a few hundred is certainly cheaper than buying a new one for a few thousand.

Even getting a cheap used car, say £4,000, add to that getting it converted to run on LPG and i'm already up to £5k+. And who is to say that even if I did buy a new (used - say 40-60,000 miles old) one that a,b and c aren't gonna go wrong with that after 6 months motoring (or 20,000 miles). Again, at least with mine I know how its been treated and what has been replaced over the recent years. It'd jus' be outa the frying pan into the fire, so I think at moment its best to stick with mine.

Plus, all boils down to money, had I got so many thousands laying around I'd be more keen to replace mine, but I've not...

EDIT: Just had a bad few weeks, didn't have the AA out through ALL of 2012, but already relied on 'em twice this year and we ain't outa January, FFS!
Ha! Yes Jim, its was only recently I was having a chat with someone likening my car to Triggers broom... Good call! :D
charlalottie wrote:Topher's going to be in here like a shot now.

-buzz- Things which Cat said on their wedding night?
I need to revive this thread...

Long story short, parked my car on top of a hill, didn't pull the handbrake on properly, rolled down into a BMW. Yes, I'm a twat. Slight dent in my car, wheel pulled away from the tyre, which flattened it, but I got it knocked back into shape for a fiver - result.

Now, his car. He's a mechanic, he has told my sister (who is his neighbour) that it's going to cost £280. Can anyone tell from this photo if that's a reasonable price for this? Trying to avoid going through insurance, but will have to if it's going to cost that much.

Bear in mind the black on his alloys was rubbing off.

Thanks muchly.
As that's the rear quarter, if it is dented then those costs might not be that far off.

Thing is, what he'll do is get a quote from BMW themselves, as that's the only way he wouldn't want to go through insurance. Insurance companies definitely wouldn't use someone like BMW though, I'd recommend getting a quote yourself from a bodyshop.

That photo should be enough for a rough quote. To me it doesn't look too dented, more scuffed than anything, but if it is dented, the rear quarter is one of the worst places to get a dent!
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I'm pretty sure it wasn't dented - he's only talking about paintwork, reckons he has someone who always does his paintwork.
Topher wrote:I'm pretty sure it wasn't dented - he's only talking about paintwork, reckons he has someone who always does his paintwork.

It depends on the type of paint. I'm a tad colour blind but if that's pearlescent black it's a bloody nightmare to match. If it's flat black it should be easy, and metallic is kind of in the middle of the two!
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