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By dimtimjim
Thats been one of the things making this season so great - teams like Sauber, Force India, Lotus etc all doing really well and getting podium finishes - top shiz.
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By MK Chris
No Force India podiums yet Tim - they've not moved forward as impressively as Sauber or Williams. If Perez isn't snapped up by one of the big teams soon, there's something wrong with them - he's consistently impressed since his debut last year. But also I agree Sauber could move on to good things with a bit of investment and maybe this season is the catalyst they need to get that. Maybe.
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By dimtimjim
Topher wrote:No Force India podiums yet Tim

True, but still running much better than previous years.
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By yummytummy
Lotus are doing really well this season. I wonder who will overall. I dunno why but got a feeling either Merceedes or maybe Mclaren might win it.
By wireman2004
On a more somber note. Sid Watkins. The prof has sadly died aged 84.

Professor Sid was instrumental in the improved safety in formula 1. More notably since the death of ayrton senna. He has also saved many peoples lives before and after that incident. Martin donnerly. Martin brundle. Mika hakkinen. Rubins barrichello. Luchiano burti to name a few drivers.

A sad loss to one of the unknown greats of the sport.
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By MadTheEddos
Yudster wrote:
Deadly wrote:I lost a lot of respect for him when he brought skin colour into it when complaining about his treatment by the stewards last season. As a driver he is excellent but as a person he appears difficult to deal with and slightly childish. His attitude changed after entering into his relationship with that rude, stuck up cow Nicole Shirtslinger.

I'm not sure it did - they had been together for ages before I thought he changed. If what is reported about her is anywhere near true though, she isn't the nicest person and maybe that whole lifestyle and attitude has rubbed off a bit.

I think Lewis has always had that attitude - it first showed itself back in 2007 when he and Alonso fell out, and before he met Nicole. But it's true that she isn't a good influence on him - if only because she's high-maintenance and distracting. (And while I've always disliked Nicole anyway for being the annoying bimbo she is, if she turned out to be an unpleasant person as well it would finish the job for me and make her thoroughly detestable.) I really think he needs to dump her for good.

But most importantly, he needs to stay with McLaren. If he goes to Mercedes it'll be a bad career move.
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By dimtimjim
Oh, thats the end of Jakes career then...

BT = anchors.
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By MadTheEddos
That's a shame - I love Jake's presenting style, and think it's safe to say whoever the BBC get to take his place won't be anywhere near as good.

Edit - Unless they promote Lee McKenzie that is. Hello! :P
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By jocky85
That's the most likely outcome i think. Almost seems like the BBC can't be bothered with F1 anymore.
By R94N
Which if that is the case, is ridiculous, since it does so well in terms of ratings. There's clearly demand for it.
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By MadTheEddos
So, who's watching the Singapore GP? I can't wait for it, I sense Maldonado will either take the lead at the start or do something mental.
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By Senninha25
Either way, I can't help but think that some teams will leave Singapore with a box of bits...
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By jocky85
Senninha25 wrote:Either way, I can't help but think that some teams will leave Singapore with a box of bits...

& now we know exactly who that was!
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By dimtimjim
Ha ha haaaa! So as to not be vindictive, I'm not gonna research who it was, but I know a few pages ago we had someone saying ShoeMaker is 'getting the job done'.... Mwhahahahahaaaa!

"i breaked earlier than I usual do far that corner"

Yes Michael, 'car problems' causing you to hit someone else, again. Good riddance to past-it rubbish.

Gutted for Lewis, how much bad luck must someone put up with in a season... Hope his luck can change for the last 6 races.
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By MK Chris
Yep, Lewis' luck has been pretty shit this season - such a shame, hope the form he's obviously got at the moment continues though.

As for Michael - schoolboy error and then trying to pass it off as a braking fault? Pile of bullshit.
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By Bonanzoid
Stuck a couple of bob on Hamilton for the Championship before Singapore thinking he was in good form, then he's let down by a mechanical failure while cruising. I'm not a fan of him really, but I am a fan of winning bets so I'll probably be supporting him now!
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By MK Chris
It's not beyond the realms of possibility - though you'd have got a better price now than then - you could always see what the price is now and stick another couple of bob on! There are 150 points available, though that relies on him winning every race between now and the end of the season... realistically he has to win most of them at least though, if he doesn't want to rely on others faltering.
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By MadTheEddos
Incredible job Fernando is doing in the lead of the Championship though. Considering the car he's driving, to maintain a Championship lead of over 25 points is pretty mindblowing IMO. It's same kind of thing he did when he won his first title in 2005, only probably even better.
By fatboydave73
Think the Mercedes/Hamilton news first broke last weekend. If Mercedes can supply him a reliable car, the partnership between Hamilton and Brawn could prove formidable.

Be interesting to see who takes his seat at McLaren.
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