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Its slowed down already though. Still, it wasn't the primary reason for the change in eating habits so its still a happy bonus! I am going to try to find a way to go swimming and to the gym two or three times a week if I can, that should mean I can keep on benefitting in weight loss terms with what I am doing anyway for my blood sugar and cholesterol.
Yudster wrote:Still feeling much better all round, and the added bonus is I've lost 13lb.

:) Well done. I look forward to the next time I see you naked... :wink: x
I have now lost 19lb. Bearing in mind that apart from getting off the bus a stop early in the mornings and making sure I push hard walking up the hill t the bus stop on the way back I haven't added any extra exercise in yet, I'm quite pleased.
I bet you are! Well done. Good to see how something so simple can make a noticeable difference. Kudos.

On this subject, I've now booked to go on a weekends cycling/camping in a few weeks around the Peak District, which should be a great weekend's exercise. Kinda dreading it (legs, but mainly ass - will be a lot of saddle time, ooft) but also really excited about it.

Plus, I camp in style. Tent, equipped with fridge, stereo, laptop, 23" tv and PS3, all the essentials! :)
And if you are camping around the Peak District, presumably that means moving from one place to another - you planning to get all that in a backpack?!
Badger ain't far off! :)

Lottie, you should have a PS3 with you where ever you go. Doesn't everyone do that? :wink:

And no Yuds, we will have a base camp, and all stealables will be locked inside my car while we're out on a day's riding. Even the fridge (cable running out car window so beer is still chilled for our return).
That's not camping.
Yudster wrote:That's not camping.

So having a fridge and a tv in a tent makes it not camping?! It is, it's just camping in style! I'll be treating myself to an air bed too, does that qualify as a camping item?! :)
I think Yudster is right, it's not camping... but I would prefer to do what you're doing because proper camping doesn't appeal to me in any way, shape or form.
I shall be sleeping under canvass and showering in cold water - trust me, it's camping! Some of us are delicate flowers who need our creature comforts :wink:
22lb down. About half way I reckon!
If I want to make inroads into the next 20 or 30lb I will need to factor in some more regular and intense exercise. Not sure how or when I am going to achieve this, but I need to do it.
Yudster wrote:I will need to factor in some more regular and intense exercise..

You know my number... :wink:
Went running and did two miles for the first time. So that's pretty much a fifth of what's needed in October. Just got to clean up my diet a bit and I should be able to get the rest of the miles sorted.
I'm surprised I didn't eat more in all honesty. There was so many flying around, it was a nightmare.
Achingly close to having lost 2 of the three and a half stone I want to lose. Still losing though. And hopefully when I get around to starting some form of regular exercise it will rev up a little for a while.
I ran 5k! I just took it slow and made sure I was drinking loads throughout the day because it was ridiculously hot out and just plodded away at it. Did 2 miles and felt fairly ok so carried on and on and on. Yay!
31lb down now - not bad, especially as I am still not getting any proper exercise. Too many other things to think about at the moment.
So I haven't been able to run for about 6 or 7 weeks due to things going a bit wrong. Anyway, first run tonight and it was hard but I'm feeling pretty happy as I did 3 miles with some walking and it still was the exact same time as when I ran three miles straight which means I was running a lot quicker than I usually do. Hooray!

Also thanks to things going wrong and that, I've lost loads of weight and I'm not 9st10. Double hooray!
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