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Yudster wrote:If you have weight to lose, simply eating healthily in a "normal" way won't help you, however much people insist that it will. If you need to lose weight you have to diet, simple as that unfortunately. Its integrating that into something sustainable that is the tricky bit - but its perfectly possible.

It will help you up to a point though. I don't really disagree with what you have said, but I suppose it is just how the individual views the process. I have lost weight on numerous occasions on diets, ranging from 7lbs to 5st at my heaviest, only to put some or all of the weight back on every time.

I don't consider what I am on at the moment to be a diet. It is just a slightly more restrictive version of the way I intend to eat permanently. I don't have a weight loss target, I don't have a weigh-in day, and I don't calorie count. I just eat sensibly. Granted, slightly more sensibly than I would if I only wanted to maintain weight, but the way I eat now will certainly be the basis of my 'diet' for the rest of my life hopefully.

My approach is working for me anyway. I am losing weight at the slowest rate I've ever lost it, but this time I know I won't put it back on.
I genuinely believe that if you need to lose a significant - by which I mean 21lb plus - amount of weight, simply "eating healthily" won't work. Eating healthily is what we do to maintain our weight, not lose it, surely?

That said, there are a million ways to go about losing weight, changing your diet, getting healthy - and if anyone finds one that works for them, do it and don't listen to me or anyone else.
On my fitess pal, there is this thing called in place of road map, and in short, you basically eat the calories per day that would maintain your weight at the weight you want to be, it gets a bit scientific, but basically you work out what these calories would be then you stick to them or below.

The idea is that the fatter you are the more calories you need to maintain, so be eating at or below you TDEE for the weight you want to be, you will eventually get to that weight, you have to, there is no other way to go, you should be able to do this eating normally, as the calories you will be consuming whilst on a "diet" will actually be the calories you eat to maintain the weight you want to be. The best way to do this is to eat less shit, more veg etc etc, which you could say is healthy.

There are allot of variables, and people delude themselves about the calories they consume and the exercise they undertake.

It's not really very complicated actually, but you do have to be honest. Cider and Wine screw your calories up big time!
The time of day you eat whatever it is you eat plays a big role too - as does the amount of sleep you get.

For a 'normal' 6.30am - 10.30pm day, I was advised to try and eliminate carbohydrates after 4pm and after that stick to water / fish and meat as a snack.
I have in the past had success dieting by counting calories and avoiding fat, but my obsessive nature tends to lead me to starve myself, whilst at the same time managing to convince myself that I'm eating too much - its not healthy to do that, but I have a lot of trouble controlling my behaviour.

At the moment I'm not counting calories at all. I have no idea how many I'm consuming on a daily basis. I'm not missing any meals, I'm not worrying about fat (had some lovely pork belly strips the other day...) and I am snacking - the only thing is that its all as carb-free as I can. I've lost a significant amount of weight already and I feel better, so I am being more active which will hopefully mean I will lose more!

The fact that I am losing weight is a lovely side bar to the fact that my blood sugar level has evened out at the low end of normal and isn't fluctuating so I feel well (before it was all over the place throughout any given day - hence the type 2 diabetes concern), and that my doctor confirmed yesterday that just a week after starting to do this my cholesterol level, which was very high (runs in the family), has dropped to the top end of the normal range. Hopefully it will go a bit further.

I'll stick with this I think.
Well my weight has gone up regardless of what I do it seems. Doesn't matter than I'm eating well and exercising, my body is a stubborn twat. *waits for wykey to turn up and say I'm doing it wrong*
Boboff wrote:Drink lots of water, reduce your salt intake.

Seriously, if your piss is even tinged with yellow in the morning or after exercise you arn't drinking enough water.....

The way I am eating at the moment is naturally diuretic so I'm losing electrolytes at a higher rate than most people, so I have been advised to ensure my salt intake is decent, to the extent that I am recommended to add soy sauce to my stir fries....its hell I tell you!

Obviously I have to drink lots of water too.
Ran today after missing Wednesday's run. Pleased to see I hadn't lost too much momentum from skipping a session and managed to do 2.5k despite feeling rough from 1.5k. I'm tired but pleased with myself.
Only managed 1.5k today which I'm not pleased with. Just seemed to struggle with the heat and didn't help that it seemed like everyone had gone for a run today so was being overtaken so many times. Stupid running, I hate it.
I'm honestly jealous. Running is the only exercise I've ever enjoyed doing and my stupid hip just won't let me at the moment. Stupid arthritis.
charlalottie wrote:Would you like my hip?

I would love to do a swap. Now we just need a backstreet surgeon with a rusty saw and we're good to go!
It can't be rusty, I'm allergic to tetanus so I need to stay away from rust. A clean bread knife will suffice.
First run in two weeks thanks to my busted kidney. Only managed a mile but trying to be positive that is still 600m better than when I first started running altogether so at least it's not like completely starting all over again. Also, it means that the first one to get back into it is now done and dusted.
Still feeling much better all round, and the added bonus is I've lost 13lb.
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