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By bmstinton93
A FIFA 12 tournament was discussed in another thread. If you own FIFA, an Xbox 360 and are interested leave your gamer tags on here and I'll work on setting up a league for us all.
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By Yudster
Is it? Good, that's what we've got.
By R94N
My brother has recently started playing this. Although we don't have Xbox LIVE yet. I prefer racing games myself.
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By G-Sizzle
There's a reason the PS3 doesn't charge to use its online facility, because it's terrible.
XBOX Live is far more reliable and stable. You really do get what you pay for.

These are facts.
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By Bonanzoid
Will this just be able to be played when the 2 people playing the next match are online? It'll be a bit of a farce if we all have to be online simultaneously.
By bmstinton93
Basically you set up a league with all the players and set how many legs you have to play against each player and then whenever two people are online they can play their game(s) then so you only need 2 people to be online at any one time and the season just finishes when all matches have been played no matter how long that takes.
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By Bonanzoid
Good stuff, it'd have been wholly impractical otherwise. Does it work the same as H2H seasons? Ie. if I pick a 5star team I can only face 5 star teams? Just to warn you, I'll probably be going Bayern, so if you're United, Ben, that'd probably work either way :)
By bmstinton93
Nah you just all pick a team as soon as you join the league and it doesn't matter who picks what. And I'll try and set it up on Thursday as I sent my TV down to Bristol with my uncle so I need to pick that up first.
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By yummytummy
wish I could but got a Wii instead. I am thinking of getting a new console for room which one is the better one?
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