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By My_name_is_Nobody
Monkey ... Apologies for missing your mix (temporarily). The 'THIS' was so subtle on page 1 I missed it as did probably many others until now. Anyway, 10 out of 10.<br><br>BTW Gordon_the_Cromag top signature !!<br><br>I see our newest member is called Orvil. Should I ...? okay... "Orvil do you have somebody's hand stuck up your ..."  :P
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By Gaspode_The_Wonder_Dog
Glad you clarifyed that PM i nearly was posting tony blair to you.  Fortunatly what i though was a post box was actually cherie blairs mouth.
By the_dr
Inspired by Monkey, I made my own remix (finally - I finished it!)<br><br>It's called 'Cos I Got Moylesed' and you can download it NOW! Tell me what you think - as many hours of work went into it (you probably can't tell :))<br><br>WARNING: VERY STRONG LANGUAGE
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By My_name_is_Nobody
cosigotmoylesed has to be 10 out of 10 for effort.<br>8 out of 10 for comedy value.  :P <br>one extra point for laying it over Afro Man.
By Guest
Wicked the_dr, though I am worried about why I find people swearing entertaining!  Oh dear.  :)
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By wannabe_mrs_moyles
that's great! unfortunately my mum came into my bedroom half way through and heard it :( it was quite funny though, you should have seen the look on her face! hehe!
By the_dr
LOL Poppy! :)<br><br>Thanks everybody - it wasn't as good as it could have been, but to be honest I was struggling to find things to put into it. I like the end bit the best myself :) And Sam, it's okay to be immature sometimes :) Well, in some peoples cases all the time.
By monkey_dazed__stil_drunk
from what i heard of it yesterday it's wicked dr, i want you playing it on tonight's human zoo, that'll give magenta's media studies teacher something to analyse :)<br><br> fantastic dr man, i especially like the end, and, as i said before, the line where you attempt to fit as many swear words in as possible .<br><br>i've some amusing stories to tell about my last two days....
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By a_girl_from_mars
You were obviously waiting for someone to say 'tell us Monkey' so...<br><br>Tell us Monkey!<br>Does it involve your trip to Stringfellows?<br>

Should be ok now :)