Request and download your Moyles-related sound or video clips in here
By VMPhil
Whilst looking for any audio from Radio 1 on 9/11 I came across this clip on AudioBoom with Moyles talking to the Newsbeat presenter Clare Bradley (now Precey). The only previous clips I've come across are the clips of the Newsbeat bulletins themselves. Apologies if this has already been posted but I searched and couldn't find any discussion of it.

The clip starts with the Newsbeat bulletin at 3 during Mark and Lard's show, but the bit I'm talking about starts at 1:05. Chris timechecks the clip as 4:15pm.

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By Nicola_Red
Thankyou Phil. Anyone know if there's a way to download Audioboom files to add to the sound vault?...
By David
I remember, as a 14 year old, leaving school and a teacher saying "a plane has hit the world trade centre".

I kind of shrugged my shoulders as I didn't really know what that meant.

It was only when I switched on Chris, hearing the show and the tone of his voice, just how serious this was.
By VMPhil
Thank you for posting those links. If anyone has any more clips from Radio 1 on September 11 I'd really appreciate them - there are hardly any clips online from the day.
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By Nicola_Red
Thanks Phil, this has now been added to the sound vault (and it's quite an emotional listen I must say, brought my memories of being sat in my old flat listening to the radio on that afternoon flooding back!) ... ileid=2985
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This one is a new one to me, thanks for finding it out. Whoever compiled this must have access to the BBC archives as the audio sounds crystal clear, almost like an in house pre compressed feed at the point with the 3pm news. The only sound bites I've managed to source from this day were the real audio clips from the old Radio 1 site. Which I converted to MP3 and uploaded to some years back. Plus the Ground Zero montage from Chris' shows in New York in December 2005.

I managed to find a montage of BBC News 24's output called 'The Day That Shook The World' on youtube. It was a special that aired on BBC Choice in 2002 for the 1 year anniversary. We're approaching 15 years next year but I can still remember everything about that day. It's still unbelievable that it actually happened.
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