Request and download your Moyles-related sound or video clips in here
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By Nicola_Red
I have also added to the vault Simon Mayo's interview from two days before the marathon show, which includes some audio excerpts from his own record-breaking show in 1999 - link in the first post.
By bmstinton93
Right, I've found the archive. Its on the 2nd page and I have updated it with some more youtube videos. We are now up to part 26 which is half way through Scott's show
Apologies if I'm repeating anything that's already been said - I've made it to page 7 and not seen any reference of this.

On ianpwilliams audio links:
Fearne's show on Wed cuts out early - think it must be about 15mins(ish) short as they're chatting to the wanted and suddenly its Greg's show.
Greg's show on Wed jumps about a bit during the Richard Madeley interview. He's talking then it jumps back and plays about half a song then picks itself back up again after that song.
Sorry I don't have times. And I don't want to seem picky - I'm quite happy with them but thought I'd let you know.

Rich Brown's video downloads. I've downloaded the Chris Moyles show from Wed and this has saved fine and plays via my DivX player (I really don't know what I'm doing with Usenet) but that seems to be the only file available. The other shows are listed but cannot be downloaded.
Are there any plans for these to be made available?

Thanks so much to you all for all your hard work!
By elliott94
Hi guys.

Just been searching on the site, and unless I've missed something, I can't see any downloads to the entire 52 hours worth of audio.

Would anyone be interested in downloading all of these? I've got server space, so it wouldn't be a problem hosting them.


I would be interested! At the risk of asking a question that has probably been answered elsewhere, is there anywhere that I can download them an hour at a time( I have limited time on my generic mp3 player)?
A couple of things from me.

- Uploads from me could come to a stop if I cannot get hold of the 08 and 09 files from the newsgroup. Today I brought the 25GB package from then redownloaded the two parts. 09 is still downloading but 08 has failed saying "Repair failed, not enough repair blocks (3 short) so I'm not holding out much faith for 09. I'm using SABnzbd+ and others on this thread seem to have been able to download the files so I don't understand what I'm doing differently.

If you click the following link ( you will see that I'm fast running out of space. This is because I've kept all the individual parts in case any needed to be reuploaded. I'm going to give it a week but after then I am going to have to start deleting them from my hard drive. So if any get blocked or if the BBC decide what I'm doing isn't right then there isn't much I'll be able to do.

But other then that I'm not quite up to the 08 and 09 parts yet so I'll continue to keep going. Another hours worth of show was made public today. :)
just to let you know youtube one is up to part 34
it's up to 46
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