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By newsbeat
I have around 17/40 cuts from the package. From what I gather, this is what the package consists of:

x5 'Demos/Draft Mixes'
x5 News Ins/Headlines Beds
x10News Beds
x1 Sport Bed
x1 Weather Bed
x10 Logo stagers/Stabs/FX
x3 Entertainment News Beds
x5 News Outs

Here's two examples:

News In:
Intro Stab 1:

The package you hear on-air today started out in 2007. It was then remixed into the theme you hear today in January 2009. A new newsbeat package was commissioned back in the summer, due to air in September, but there's no sign of it!!
Chris is in the news again.

The article contradicts itself. It also says I th[…]

Mr Harris

just scooting about creating mischief

id very much doubt it to be honest