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By Uglybob
Question : Have you been flicking around the stations seeing what you got and landed on a channel with some blonde girl singing some Ian Van Dahl lite trance crap. Yes well read on.

This channel would be channel 455 to people like you and you have been watching Angelle on something called VIBE TV. I know naming a channel after a sex toy isnt a good idea but it seems to warranted some attention. She is releasing a record and so decided to launch her own channel. Where does she get all the money, i hear you ask.

"Of more interest is the history behind this song. Eagle-eyed fans may have noticed, while cable channel surfing, that the young pop wannabe has a channel all of her very own, called Vibe TV. Bought for her by her boyfriend and record boss (Hmm, wonder how she got her record deal then...) viewers can enjoy 24 hours of interviews, live performances and re-runs of her sunny video every single day of the week!!!"
It sort of reeks of the unbelievable. Some Barbie looking girl nabs herself a man with power and money and tells him she can sing (if you hear the record you might think otherwise) so he sets up TV Channel and a Website. If you think she seems a bit amateur might like to read this except from her biography.

"Angelle cut her music business teeth singing backing vocals and recording demos for the likes of Peter Andre and Louise, as well as honing her talent in numerous clubs, hotels and theatres around the country, where she supported everyone from Jim Davidson to Bobby Davro. "
At the moment you can enter a competition whereby you can go to the studio and record your favourite karoake song, with help from Angelle.
Cant wait eh.
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By bob_fleming
Yeah i have seen that channel, it seems to be on a loop, cos everytime i have been flicking around it seems to be either on her and some coreographer doing some brittany realted dance, or having an interview with some geezer!!!

Have u heard her sing ? cos i haven't, i am supporised she hasn't got a video on smash hits yet!!!!!!


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By gregs
she is currently performing on eMap's feel the noise live tour.

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By Tall Pall
Oh man, that almost made me cry. Ok time to get myself a rich bo... err girlfriend. I want my own tv station god namit.
By The Cornishman
I know Vibe-its situated between Kerrang and one of the Classic Music Channels,never have 'Linkin Park' and Sarah Brightman been so appealing. You might be interested to know this is not a permanent fixture, Vibe will relaunch as a shopping channel in September good news for Angelle should she be seeking future employment.
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By tomwhite
I'm sure I've heard that joke elsewhere, in exactly the same words too...
By The Cornishman
All my own material I assure you. Not impossible that you've heard it before though,I do a bit of writing elsewhere.
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By tomwhite
The Guide July 20-26 2002 page 20 last paragraph
"The good news for Angelle is that, in November, her boyfriend's channel will relaunch as a 24-hour shopping network. This should prove very handy for future employment."

And yes, I am very sad for finding that.
By Everlast
OOOOOOOooh Busted
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By Nablo.
Ow hitting us with fresh new news there from around 3 months ago.
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By Tall Pall
I agree, its as fresh as 3 month old bread, yes 3 months!!!
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By Mcqueen_
Is that 3 month old frozen Bread or 3 month old Bread left out on the side?
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By Tall Pall
Afraid I left it on the side.
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By Jonny Hoare
that bread is officially Alexander Flemings' next project
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By Uglybob
and the news is just in
After about 2 or 3 months self promoting herself on a tv channel, numerous appearances on crappy telly shows and the odd smattering across the tabloids, Angelles single was released last Monday and todays chart she stormed in

at 43
Chris is in the news again.

The article contradicts itself. It also says I th[…]

Mr Harris

just scooting about creating mischief

id very much doubt it to be honest