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By Console
I'm fairly certain that "Dominic the Donkey" song is comercial, so I can't clip it. However, if you can prove otherwise then I will clip it.
By GregoryDist
I was Hoping someone had the full song!
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By Console
They might have, although I doubt it, but I'm fairly certain that the track is availble to buy, and not in the public domain, and so posting it here (or anywhere) would be illegal.
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By Dale
The song is obviously called Dominick The Donkey and is sang by Lou Monte. So just do a search on a music download site (eg; MSN Music, iTunes) for it.
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nade wrote:lol, isn't that a horse's head in that video?

It's the Italian Christmas Horse ;)
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By nade
Ahhh. My fragile little mind has been warped by Chris playing the "Dominic the Donkey" bit of the tune so much I assumed it was a Donkey regardless. 8O
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By Nicola_Red
DominicK. It drives me mad when people miss the K off for some reason.
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