Request and download your Moyles-related sound or video clips in here
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By gbm
Fair enough,I suppose you have also kept the 'This is a podcast from the BBC' so they cant really get angry
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By Boboff
can't see the newest ones ? Console got a GF?
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By Console
They'll be added over the next week.
By oafcmetty
Anyone else having problems accessing the podcasts?

I can't get any of them to work - they all time out when trying to either access or download them...?
By stevenuk
Do you have last weeks podcast?
Please if you have the 15th December Podcast could you post a link to it as i could not download that one last week.
Thank you
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By Console
All podcasts, to date, are now on the list.
By stevenuk
Console wrote:All podcasts, to date, are now on the list.

Thank you Console
By holdincourt
Anyone have Part 1 for the Best Of...podcasts hosted by Jimmy Carr?
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By Dickie
It will make it on here, just not immediately as we don't want to step on the BBC's toes too much.
By glennjpeace
Any idea when the past few podcasts will be uploaded?? We've got about three weeks worth missing.....I think.
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Just been over to radio 1 it would appear they havent done a podcast this week?
By glennjpeace
yeah I was there about half an hour ago...I found it kinda weird....I hope the BBC hasn't ended the podcast trial...
By ali2098
Console can you update from where you are now to last week, as my computer was wiped, and most where on my mp3 apart from the weeks over Christmas. 22nd until now.
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By SCornelius7mufc
RE: Podcast 15th Dec

I am trying to download the podcast above but the file recieved is the one from 8/12/06 featureing beckham.
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By Dickie
I have corrected the link and you should now get the podcast from the 15th Dec.
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By SCornelius7mufc

One other question, the "enhanced podcasts", where can they be downloaded from and do they have the same content, just with added photos?
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By Dickie
The enhanced podcasts have not been archived by anyone on here as far as i know.

The enhanced podcasts support Chapters and have an image that changes depending on what Moyles and the team are irreverently chatting about. Much fun with an iPod or iTunes.
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By Dickie
Some descriptions updated now.
By raverbaby
Hey people. Feb 23 2007, that file is incomplete. Thought my download cut off initially, but the filesize is smaller than it should be. Anyone else noticed this?
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By Console
I've replaced that file with audio ripped off of the enhanced podcast (as I don't have a good copy of the normal one).
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By Sunny So Cal
Hi Console,

My iTunes didn't grab the podcast from March 7th. When will that be available to download from here?
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By Mafro
Once again the enhanced podcast isn't on bloody itunes.
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By Dickie
It knows it's there, just cant download the bloody thing.
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By Sunny So Cal
Console, actually it is the podcast from March 9th that I'm missing from my iTunes. Any idea of when the newer podcasts will be on here? I know you have to respect the BBC's space & all but it looks like the newest one on here is March 2nd. Thanks!
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By Console
I'll probably be updating the archive (including the missing descriptions) over this weekend.
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