Request and download your Moyles-related sound or video clips in here
By richardtomlinson
A complete set of 2008 podcasts (standard & enhanced) can now be found in the Podcast Archive (see my signature) - and they all have descriptions attached - you're welcome.

For some annoying reason, which i'm still trying to sort, a few podcasts are hosted on a dodgy server and so cannot currently be downloaded or removed. However, I have uploaded replacements (including the pair from 2008-12-12). So, if a podcast doesn't have a description it won't download, but directly below it is a replacement.
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By f14jag
Has anybody downloaded the entire podcasts to 1 single file so i can get them all in 1 hit or even get them sent to me over messenger in 1 hit using any of the compression utils out there what are free ! if so would you be able to mail me at

thanks jag
By richardtomlinson
Dannymk wrote:Hey all, Does any1 have any idea when there server is coming back up its been down a while now and still have a few podcasts to download. thanks Danny x

Admittedly i've only attempted to download one file this morning to test the site, but it worked fine for me.

Unfortunately with these free file hosting websites they do like to complicate things and and make life a little awkward, and is no different. In fact, they've just made it a little worse.

Not only do you already have to click through a couple of pages before you get to download a podcast, but they've now added a download speed restriction of 50kbps (unless you fill out an online form with one of their sponsors, which will remove this restriction for 7 days - arghhhhhhh!).

As long as you're not in a rush though, the podcasts still appear to download fine.

If you happen to get the dreaded red text stating that the server is down so you can't download that podcast, let me know - I think i've identified all the problematic ones and re-uploaded replacements.

If I had dispensible cash i'd pay for better hosting, but for now that's the setup i'm afraid.
By richardtomlinson
Right, all change ...

I've now relocated the Podcast Archive to a different host which allows direct links, has no waiting time or pop-up ads. I've also added more detailed descriptions alongside each podcast, and for the standard mp3 podcasts you can now download each year's complete set in a zip file.

The only little bug is when downloading an enhanced podcast, you will need to manually add a ".m4a" tag to the end of the filename before downloading, otherwise you'll just end up with an mp3 file. For some reason the host allows m4a file uploading but does not understand what file format it is, so by default will download the file as an mp3.

There are a few omissions in the 2007 Enhanced Podcasts collection, and I currently have no 2006 Enhanced Podcasts, so if anyone can help fill the gaps please let me know.

You're welcome.
By ajberry
The site doesn't see, to work correctly in Firefox, you only see the top couple of lines. Apart from that, it's great :)
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By Console
By richardtomlinson
Console wrote:The site works fine ... if I turn the javascript on (he's using some dodgy script ...)

Why would one not want javascript enabled if it prevents some pages from loading correctly?
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By Console
For speed, security and stability.

Why should some pages require javascript to load correctly? Why require the loading of an external javascript file as well as four additional HTML pages for one page?
By richardtomlinson
So if I change a design aspect that is common to all pages I don't then have to edit each page individually.
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By MK Chris
There are better ways of doing that. Can you use server-side scripting of any sort?
Last edited by MK Chris on Wed Feb 11, 2009 4:23 pm, edited 1 time in total.
By richardtomlinson
No I don't. I'm sure there are better ways of designing the pages, but for now that's the method i've chosen, and as i'm not a non-IE user I selfishly haven't bothered to ensure that it's browser-friendly for everyone.
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By john-leybourne
It does that on the iTunes store as well, but because I have subscribed to it, it has downloaded this weeks episode to my computer
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Ah yeah cheers, I just tried the RSS feed and there it was.
By pistup
Does anyone know where I can get the podcast from 21/11/08? Or just the Carpark Catchphrase (too many cooks spoil the broth) from 20/11/08? Thanks.
By richardtomlinson
Have you tried the Podcast Archive?
By richardtomlinson
What about downloading just the one podcast you're looking for rather than the whole set from 2008?
By pistup

Going to sound an idiot, but how do I scroll down? I've clicked the link on your signature and gone into podcast archive 2008 and but I cannot scroll down to find the individual download links?

Thanks for your replys.
By richardtomlinson
Direct download link

I haven't checked page compatibility with any web browsers other than Internet Explorer so if you're using a different one that may possibility be the cause of the scrolling problem.
By pistup
Ah i'm on firefox maybe thats the problem!

Download link worked though thanks very much! Your a gentleman.
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By ladbroke
I'm not sure, but I don't think I'm being dim here.........! I've downloaded all the podcasts Richard Tomlinsons Podcast Archive, 2005-2009 to give me something to listen to at work. However, only the zip files from 2005 and 2009 work, the others from the other years give a winrar error of 'unexpected end of archive'. Anybody have any ideas? Using Vista, and Opera if that makes any difference. I'll blow the dust off of I.E. and give that I try if I must!
By richardtomlinson
According to's information, an entire year's podcasts does not exceed size limits for downloadable zip files, but your suggestion that only 2005 and 2009 (years with the fewest podcasts) work successfully seems to imply that their statement may well be incorrect.

As i've said before, I have absolutely no idea how the Podcast Archive pages are displayed on any browser other than IE. If there are problems then I apologise, but at the same time i'm afraid I have no immediate plans to correct this.

Alternatively you could visit directly and avoid my pages altogether.
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