Request and download your Moyles-related sound or video clips in here
By ajknott
the link at the bottom of the downloads at the beggining of this thread for the 2007/2008 newer podcasts isnt working. when i click on it it comes up with doteasy for some reason, sorry for the text speak i was on my i phone and its kind of finnicky

By j4ckf
does anyone know where i can download the whole of the podcasts? from 2005 to present? i konw theres bits and bobs but i would like to download them all in one file?? like a torrent or somthing, or if anyones got the whole of the podcasts and wouldnt mind sending me them over msn or somthing please reply.
Many thanks
By richardtomlinson
Was there a holiday podcast last Friday (12th Sept 08)? If there was one and someone is willing to email it or temporarily upload it somewhere, i'll can then upload it to the Podcast Archive. Thanks, Rich.
By richardtomlinson
Really? Nobody on the forum know whether there was a Chris Moyles Show Podcast on 12/09/08? So where would you suggest I go to find the answer?
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By exeter4eva
yes there was one on the 12th richard... i can upload it to RS so you can get it if you want?


**EDIT** you evil git taking down your achieve lol... you better have days 2+3 from LA on there when it comes bk up :P
By richardtomlinson
Thanks for that - do you or anyone else have the Enhanced Podcast from 12/09/2008?
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By exeter4eva
dont do the enhanced im afraid so i cant help you out with that one.. theres gotta be someone who does tho

and as i dont think ive said it before.. thanks for the archives mate... godsend they are!

By richardtomlinson
So, does anyone have the enhanced podcast from 12/09/2008 they are willing to contribute to the podcast archive?
By richardtomlinson
I know that the 2005/6 podcasts are available to download from the top of this thread, but for the sake of completeness I have uploaded them to the Podcast Archive.

Additionally, all podcasts in the archive from 2005-7 now have details attached. This should hopefully help those of you who use the archive to search for something specific.

You're welcome.
By richardtomlinson
Harry2389 wrote:Can anyone please post a link to the 11th of May 2007 (No David Guest) episode?

David Gest was originally booked on the show on Friday 11th May 2007 so it featured on the following week's podcast: 18/05/2007.
By May
Hi, I seem to have a problem downloading the 12th Dec podcast (both regular and enhanced) from Richard's site. It always says there is a problem with the server and to try again in 10 minutes. It only seems to be the 12th Dec one that doesn't work, just to test I tried downloading both of the 5th Dec ones and they work.
Can anyone help or can they suggest an alternative download site?
Thanks :D
By richardtomlinson
I've contacted the server host and he's looking into it for me. Stay tuned. Oh, and if you come across anymore with the same error message please let me know.
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By S4B
The rest are fine Richard as far as I can see, I've just got 2005 to go! You really are a star! thanks
By richardtomlinson
Annoyingly, the 2008-12-12 podcasts are still temporarily unavailable, but hope to have that sorted asap.

Half of the monthly 'Best Of' podcasts have been added to the archive, the other half to follow shortly.

And hopefully i'll soon be in a position to upload some of the earliest enhanced podcasts.

It seems the archive has been useful to quite a few users this year, with over 33,500 podcast downloads to date, which isn't too shabby.
By May
Seems to be working now (am just trying to download it right now)... many thanks!!!
By May
Hmm ok I guess I posted a little prematurely.... it still doesn't work :(
But rather bizarrely, the others work :)
By dozer
Hello newbie here,

I have just downloaded the recent podcasts but unfortunately missed the Jan to July editions for the best 08 list.

Will these be added to this site as the bbc have taken them off now.

Cheers and Happy New Year to all.

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