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By Pezza832
I know that Radio 2 seems to be losing listeners at the moment. I’m not saying that Moyles can justify what I’m about to suggest based on his one million listeners (I’ve no idea if he should have more listeners or if one million is about right for a digital-only station) but could Chris be the saviour of Radio 2? Or more importantly, would they have him back do you think? I feel he’s mellowed somewhat and his fan base from Radio 1 is getting older and might be inclined for some Radio 2 listening. Slightly later start too, I reckon he’d be motivated with the extra half hour in bed!

Anyway, what do you reckon?
By JayE
I can't see it personally. If you read between the lines of some of the things that Chris has said the past couple of years you do kind of get the feeling that this Radio X show will be his last radio gig. To be fair I can't blame him, he's done it all. One of the biggest radio shows in the country for the longest amount of time and now has a show on a commercial radio station where he gets to do his show with a huge amount of freedom.

If you listen back to the end of his interview with James O'Brien from last year he pretty much says it himself that he doesn't want to do radio anymore. Personally I would like to see him do an uncensored podcast a couple of times a week which he charges for.
By Pezza832
Yeah great points made there. He probably doesn’t need the gig and has definitely proven himself since the R1 show came to an end with a successful commercial show. I like the idea of him doing a podcast, too, but I’m not so sure I’d tune in if it cost on say I tunes. I’d like to think I would but maybe a weekly slot on Audible as I pay a subscription for that and podcasts are part of the monthly cost.

As for Radio 2, IF he was ever offered it I just couldn’t see him turning it down - would be amazing to see what kind of national reaction there would be to an announcement like that. Maybe ‘Judas’ and his production company will one day see the light!
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You never know what's around the corner but I'd be surprised personally. Besides, Radio 2 would have to drop the 70's/80's focus I feel it has too much of at times, and include far more 90's and 00's music if it were to compliment Chris' style.

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