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By d000hg
I have no no idea which pubcasts I have and haven't listened to now - I've been listening months behind and keep missing them. Was the first one 2015 and this will be the 6th? I have 2016, 2017 & 2019 files knocking around if they are the right ones.

Has anyone got the complete set, are they in the archives here? If not I'd make a donation if anyone can help me out. I would love to listen back to them all in sequence before this Friday.

Since it's live, we could live-tweet or something?
By d000hg
Just missing the one then, thanks. I don't actually know I ever listened to 2019. 2017 must be when Pippa dropped the Toby bombshell?
By JayE
Yep, that’s the one. They’re all definitely worth the listen IMO. Even if you only listen the once.
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By Peteivy
That pubcast was quite honestly the funniest thing I've seen in a long while.
I see the site got a mention you bunch of bastards (ha were you guys streaming it?? Can't see it myself.)

Funniest part of the night was when James was dressed as the nun and was about to do his speech and was trying to get peoples attention .... he stopped and took a shot. I've never seen anything so funny. Absolute class
By JayE
Got to agree, that was * awesome. Well worth the £10. Can’t wait for the extra stuff next week.

I did raise my eyebrow at the mention we got. I didn’t see anyone say they would share a link to the stream. Or if they did I missed it completely.
By Just Ben
I think it may have been the Chris Moyles Unofficial Radio X Facebook page. Pretty lively over there.

Amazing content tonight though, could have watched for much longer. Pure evidence for not editing the pubcast!
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By Peteivy
I really do hope they facebook live later. I didn't want it to end. I was gutted when I clocked on to the fact that we weren't going into the lock in. I thought the people that paid a tenner were going to see the lock in bit too.
By d000hg
If you pay you get the lock in edit.

I thought it started a bit slow - interesting but just like the morning show - until just after the first guest then it picked up. Last hour and especially last 30 min was great... James sign off was absolutely hilarious.
By CallumKent
Pubcast was hilarious! Definitely worth a tenner. The lock in will be shown during the week, that was always the plan to go off air at 10pm so we actually got more live than we should have. More highlights to come for anyone who paid.

I read that there will also be an audio podcast version for £5 released next week I believe. More info on the Radio C website
By d000hg
Seeing PT was wonderful. I never realised that was just his normal voice or that he was such a big name and close buddies with Chris, working for free even?!
By bmstinton93
Yeah it definitely wasn't this site that got the mention. There's an unofficial Chris Moyles group on Facebook. Several people have been begging for people to share the link / stream it for them this week.
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By Peteivy
How pointless. Why didnt they just send in the text and then do a Matt??

Anyway, I've still got the link open and just realised that the entire night is still there. You can watch it again. I'm going to find James downing his shot near the end
By Just Ben
Paul Turner was such a shock. He talks like that just normally! He's been blessed big time. Plus he now works for free for Chris. Loved their relationship!

Tonight properly made me realise how much I miss the pub.
By Dexy
Don’t suppose anyone recorded this? I’ve donated to get the edited version but I wasn’t able to watch live last night.
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By jocky85
Potentially asking the obvious question - is ‘drunk Alan’ Jon Culshaw?
By d000hg
They did mention on the show this week it might only last till sunday.

You could start watching it, there's a reasonable chance it'll not stop at midnight if you're already watching.

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