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By tizzle_b
Subtle dig by Chris this morning around 715/20ish(?) about how you can’t just rebrand something as “The Hits” and then it fails - context was about old music compilations etc but y’know
Do you think there’s any chance at all that Daves rejoining Moyles on X?
Chris has been mentioning him a few more time recently when it comes to old stories. And with news that Chris/Dave/Dom are back together it could bring listeners in.

We can dare to dream.
VMPhil wrote:Personally, I hope that they do reconcile one day, whether publicly or privately. But I don’t think we’ll hear them together on the radio for a long time.

I’d agree with this. It’s a shame if they can’t patch things up even on a friend level. Life’s too short.

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It’s probably a bit like Oasis, will be much talked about but unlikely to happen...

It’s just not right for Chris to not have someone called Dave on the show, thought he would go out and find another when Masterman left (though the eponymous TV channel sponsorship perhaps filled the gap!)

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