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By Nicola_Red
I know he said that, but the 2017 link worked up until about two weeks ago, so I don't think what was said on air about it being "limited time" was the whole truth. Anyway, they're apparently gone now.

Edited to add: if you have any strong feelings as to why we should/shouldn't add them to the archive, feel free to voice them here and we'll make a decision.
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By James H
I can see the reasoning behind it being a complete archive.

Just interesting to see what Global will make of it, I'm sure Chris himself probably isn't fussed if they're mirrored here, especially if you can't get them any more.
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By Topher
I don't think it's right to do it. It undermines the attempt at charity fundraising if folks know they can wait a couple of years to get it free here (not saying they would do that, but I don't think it's right to give the opportunity).
Any suggestions I’m struggling technically to download the pub cast actually onto my PC managed to get into Apple Music but I wanna try and keep a copy of it any suggestions how I can download an MP3 ? Didn’t have a problem last year as I just right clicked and saved
By Evs
No reason they can't be added to the archive long into the future. Maybe when he leaves Radio X is the right time. As long as somebody (most of us I imagine?!) has a copy they're not exactly lost forever are they.
By Smoggy78
In my opinion, now that the new Pubcast is available and the old ones aren't I don't see why you can't put the old ones on. I can't buy them and we can't contribute to charity anymore so no harm is done. I think just as long as the money has bee raised then its harmless.
By edgeshat
hi everyone,,,
Has the pubcast been taken down,,, never got a chance to download as work away from home a lot and no good wifi.
Had a look on the web site but can't find ? Tia :)
Name the game!

That's it, thanks and sorry for the dumb question!