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By G-Sizzle
What are people's opinions of Johnny Vaughn's drive time show?
Personally I think it's fantastic. I was never a huge fan of his style on Capital Breakfast, but I caught one of his TalkSport shows and it was genuinely hilarious.
Luckily he's taken a very similar formula to RadioX and I throughly recommend having a listen to his podcast.

It seems a lot of people seem to dislike him on here because Chris Moyles told them to, but if you give it a listen And judge it yourself I'm sure many here will enjoy it, especially if you like Old Moyles.
By JayE
When he joined Radio X i hadn't even heard his voice before but had heard Chris mention him many a time before so avoided him for the first couple of weeks. When I finally gave him a try it was worse than I imagined. The way he talks and interacts with his team is horrific, he sounds like an old guy trying to sound younger and down wiv da kids an all dat. But I guess Great Britain needs Great Banter right Johnny?

I'd say at this point I've given him about 4 tries and I turn it off after 5 minutes every time. Awful.
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In the world of radio you need a distinctive voice, so for that reason I'm out. He can go and join the other types like Evans who made their names on the Big Breakfast (which was brilliant and I wish would come back).

Leave radio to those who made their names that way.
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By G-Sizzle
Couldn't disagree more to be honest, For me he's the funniest thing on the radio right now.
Each to their own I guess.
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Must be awkward for the pair of them, working on the same station never mind the same building.

I sometimes have him on in the kitchen when I'm washing up and I can't say fairer than that. Still haven't got a clue what's being said beyond all the cackling. #LolBantz
By moylesMic2
Apart from Chris and Birdy, the only other show I try and listen to is JV's. Very funny, comedy essential for that time of the day, and the whole 'don't worry. I've got it' works very well IMHO
By Misfit
I couldn't see a thread regarding this but feel free to merge if there is!

Does anyone have any other shows on X they listen to/go out of their way not to listen to?

I tuned into Ricky Wilson today and it was diabolical radio. It sounded a bit student radio ish, with lots of in jokes.

However the overnights on X are a fantastic listen!

What is everyone else listening to when Chris isn't on?
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By Nicola_Red
I don't mind Vernon, can't stand Johnny Vaughan, I've never listened to Dan O'Connell or Phil Clifton. I heard a bit of Jo Good during that top 100 British songs countdown and she was AWFUL. Basically if Chris isn't on I still listen to R1!
By ritchie
Love Jonny Vaughan - always have, since Big Breakfast. So was well chuffed when X started. The rest is gash tho. Can't stand vernon and the others just remind me of local radio fodder.
I listened to Jo Good last weekend and she played about 8 songs in a row that could have been taken straight off my MP3 player - such a great selection of music. Her voice isn't that irritating either, so I'll make an effort to search out her show if I'm ever driving anywhere in the afternoon at the weekend.
By Hawkeye448
I have become very fond of Vaughan the last few weeks to the point I've downloaded all the podcasts since the start and playing catch up.

Can certainly see how he would annoy people with his endless verbal diarrhea but he really is a truly funny man with some very amusing ideas for radio items.

My kind of humour.
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By G-Sizzle
I became a fan on Johnny Vaughn on talkSport (the old "Warm Up Show" podcasts are well worth a listen) and he's become even better on X

Controversial opinion: the JV show is funnier than the Moyles show right now.
I still enjoy the Moyles show. but as has been said before, it's missing something and seems

Saturday show is up