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By computeace
For anyone not listening live, Chris just gave some details on the new Saturday 'best of' show.

He was very keen to stress it won't just be the podcast with songs in the middle, and there will be a fair bit of new material every week - so I guess more like the Christmas/Bank Holiday shows.
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By G-Sizzle
I'm almost certain it'll be just like the podcast with added songs.
Maybe a new intro and outro, but that would be it.

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By hdsport82
It's sounding promising on the podcast Chris said it took 1 hour and 40 minutes to record rather than the 30 minutes Chris (Baughen) said it would take.
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By neilt0
I foresee Chris kicking off about the car-crash radio that the playing of the song over the Lionel Richie bit and chopping off of Purple Rain was!
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By Badger Mark
I thought the Saturday show was pretty good. Definitely not just the podcast with some songs thrown in. There was that weird part though during the New Order song where the Lionel Richie bit was running at the same time. Very strange. I had to smile because when they played the actual bit a little later, my daughter thought they were talking about Adele's Hello. I had to show her Richie's Hello video. Amazing how unintentionally creepy and funny that video is.
By Harry Briggs
Yeah very decent Saturday Show. A much better alternative to Graham Norton!! ;) Think the New Order was just a mistake from the producer in the studio live, he left the tape running whilst playing the song. Chris was getting a bit of abuse on the Twitter because apparently he cut Purple Rain off but that must have been the producer too. He obviously wanted to hit the 11am news on time! All in all a good first show!
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By Yudster
Chris was kind of "live tweeting" the show on Saturday morning - given that it was a recorded thing that's surprised me, seems a very corporate thing to do. Not a bad thing, just surprising.
By hdsport82
Yudster wrote:Chris was kind of "live tweeting" the show on Saturday morning - given that it was a recorded thing that's surprised me, seems a very corporate thing to do. Not a bad thing, just surprising.

I'm sure part of that is just to increase awareness but also I think that goes with what he was saying about how he feels more pressure here than at R1. He certainly seems to be putting a lot into the show we know already he isn't getting paid for the podcast and yet not only is he doing it they are getting longer and longer with new material.

At Radio 1 he was an established name on an established station with the might of the BBC behind him. At Radio X despite the commercial radio juggernaut that is Global it's still a difficult challenge to launch effectively a new station and he's clearly invested in making a success of it.

I should say I'm not implying he wasn't trying at Radio 1 we know the effort (compared to other DJs) that went into things like the emergency links etc. but he seems to be trying even harder here.
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By G-Sizzle
Does the Saturday Show have its own podcast? Or is it shoe-horned into the regular podcast?

Or neither!?

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By MoylesFanatic
Neither, the Sat show is basically the best 'best of' clips from that weeks podcast with new material around it ( 95% of the show is new material), so they don't bother. That and Radio X want a good audience for the 8-11 slot so won't want people having podcasts of it.
By welshblob
Plus the sat show has music, ads and news (think it has news) so it does feel like it's own show. I'll be listening to both.
Must say the music is much better than when they first started. Not sure if that is just moyles getting his way on his show as I don't really listen to the other shows. Must some effort into listening to Johnny as the bits I've heard are very good.

Saturday show is up