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I've been meaning to do this for a while but here I finally am! Just want to say a big thank you to Neil10 and IanpWilliams for downloading and editing the show each day. I know there is a listen again feature on Radio X (although I do struggle to find this on my ipad!) but I now have the download site from here saved in my history so I can log in easily when I get home every night and I can listen to the whole show as and when. Makes life SO much easier so thank you both for making me happy every night! Cheers, Marion
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By dimtimjim
They are good guys and their effort is appreciated. Well, it is by me, anyway.

I don't like to miss a single minute of the show, which isn't possible while holding down a job, so I always listen again to the show to catch up on missed bits.

Cheers boys. x
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By Nicola_Red
Same here. I'm recording the show myself as much as poss but recent events have meant I've had no internet (and currently still don't) so I'm relying on the guys' excellent work to have sources from which to make clips, when I can finally do that again. So my thanks can be added to the list :)
By bmstinton93
Yeah cheers guys, you're both ace. I now have 44 edited and unedited shows saved on my hard drive from the new show plus the couple of thousand from the old show.
By vestan
Registered on the forum to say the same thing.
I catch the show from 6.30am - 7.10am on my way to the gym at work, but having bought a portable DAB to use in there, found I got no signal at all, so have to miss the show then until 8.30pm when I get to my desk and listen on the TuneIn app, then when I get home at night I can listen to the edited show and the bits I missed.
I really appreciate the effort.

I know Chris is delighted his followers make an effort to listen to the show, so I think he would be proud of me!
neilt0 wrote:That Neil10 is an idiot! Screw that guy! :-)

Oops - sorry neiltO!! You of course are brilliant!!
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By Dave in Philadelphia
You have at least one (I know there are a lot more!) fans here in the States too! I've gotten it down to listening to a vintage edited RSS downloaded show on my morning drive (currently in September 2007) and a RadioX for the evening commute. Thank you gentleman for your dedication! DiP
By Tal16
I would also like to add my thanks to both, well done. I love listening to the edited show I download it every night for the next day in work. No ads is a bonus.. Maybe edit out the pub quiz in future lol.

Saturday show is up