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bmstinton93 wrote:Yeah good point. I feel like unless Chris actually slept with Jayne that he hasn't done anything wrong as well.

I'm taking the fact that at no stage has Dave responded by saying that the tweets being sent to piss him off are 'not true/all a load of shit' or something along those lines is a heavy hint that may be exactly what Chris has done. Just my opinion obviously!
bmstinton93 wrote:I struggle to believe that a lot, although yes I had exactly the same thought earlier about it. Does Dave still follow Chris? I know Chris follows Dave.

Dave follows Chris. Dave follows Jayne. Chris follows Dave. And Jayne. And quite a few young, famous, blonde women.
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Interestingly, Jayne does not follow Chris. But does follow Will Kinderburg, Carrie Prideaux, Kieron Moyles, Dom, The Chris Moyles Show Appreciation Society, Nick Grimshaw, Pat Sharp, Jon Culshaw, Dave Vitty, Davina McCall, Rob DJ, Richard Oliver (jingle singer), @TeamVitty, Imaginary Martin, Weird Al, Baldy Greg, Folkface, Producer Neil, Kerry Moyles, Chris Evans (her ex), Beccy from Scott Mills show, Richard Bacon, Ricky Wilson, Rachel Mallender, Sara Cox, Sandy Beech, Scofe and (phew) Andi Peters!

Make of that what you will...
Conspicuously absent.

Conspicuously. conspicuously. Is that how you spell it? Looks terrible.
neilt0 wrote:
Yudster wrote:Conspicuously absent.

Conspicuously. conspicuously. Is that how you spell it? Looks terrible.

I didn't say that. You said it. But, yeah it is odd that Jayne follows just about everyone in Chris' life apart from Chris! :?

I know I said it. I'm just not sure if that's how you spell it.
This is all interesting to a point.

Did Dave and Jayne split because Chris knobbed her? Presume No, as that would make the relationship untenable.

Is Chris now sniffing around? Who knows, but if he is so what? Jayne is obviously trusted, and with Chris's ability to meet new people who he knows arn't going to shit on him form a great height, fair play.

Are Chris and Dave's replies to Trolls on Twitter much better now? Yes.

I sincerely hope that Dave is using this time to actually undertake work that he will be credited with the originality of, rather than be a support act for Chris, I think Dave's parodies and production work are much under-rated.

He is a grumpy twat mind.
I'm not sure how creative he is. He can take someone else's work and put rhyming words to it which are funny in a certain context - he is very good at that, but its still someone else's work, and I'm not sure its all that creative.

He is a grumpy arse though.
SAV1OUR wrote:I think helping make all those birthday shows down the years took a bit of creativity, given that Chris wasn't allowed to know about them.

People plan surprise parties every day. I agree that it isn't always the most straightforward thing to do, but given the resources which they had access to, again I wouldn't regard the ability to do so as evidence of any significant level of creativity.
Dave will always be held in high esteem purely for the Monday rendition of Lamb Bhuna, straight after they announced it on Xfactor ( you know the song they all did, where Cohens original was way better)

Rhyming Bhuna and sooner! Genius in my eyes!
I love both of those parodies, and others. However, I don't accept them as evidence of more than usual creativity. Very funny though.
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