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By David
The ads are actually fine - compared to a lot of commercial radio, they are short, and they are a good chance to go and do stuff like have a shower and make breakfast.

I am really enjoying the show - Chris sounds like he is right at home.

There is however (and I know it's only day 2) a lack of structure - possibly not helped by news only being every hour.

There's nothing to set a morning routine to. I don't know when to do things in time to the radio.

I put it down to the producer. They maybe need to be a bit more in control.
I just wonder if Aled (and Rachel) on Radio 1 had a lot more control than they made out.

This is Nick Grimshaw's problem - he may be ok, but his producers are terrible...
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By Nicola_Red
Absolutely agree about the structure thing. I actually think Grimmy is okay for that, the show doesn't run as tight as Chris' old R1 show did, but you can expect showbiz news/track of the day/happy hard-core fm at certain times. I wonder if it's the presence of ads throwing Chris off - I'm hoping as he gets used to that things will improve.
By Mark Hewitt
It's nice having the option of Moyles in the morning again! Been listening to Radio 4 for the past three years so having music on the drive into work is a change! I knew that getting the DAB option in the car would prove useful at some point!

They are having to walk a tightrope at the moment, as people want the show to be The Chris Moyles Show but them just recreating a carbon copy of how things were in 2012 would be pretty silly. Plus there's the small matter of copyright, who exactly owns the rights to the likes of Car Park Catchphrase etc? It's often not as simple as you would think.
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By James H
Moyles was freelance at Radio 1, so I'd imagine he owns the rights to anything from the old show, so he could if he wanted completely re-create it.

No point in doing that though, it's a different show to what it was in 2012 and I'm keen to see what he does with it!
By northernsteve
Being freelance wouldn't affect the copyright in the show as a whole - particularly as the producers were BBC staff. If it had been made by an independent production company then the position might have been different.
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By Johnny 1989
I haven't heard all of the show but enjoyed what I heard, it's odd without Dave & Aled in particular because they were there for so long but I really liked it, Dom is great as ever and Pippa & Madam Dave seem to fit in well, so hopefully the show will go from strength to strength and will still be around in several years time :)
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