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Do like the Moyles show absolutely. His banter with Comedy Dave etc. Question about Coxy maybe shocked at this.

Does anyone else get the impression she's a bit mean bit of a ballbuster or even a fun one? Apparently on the girlie show she once said she was 'the Bolton ballbuster' haha.

Or am I waaay off.

Hi all btw and yeah Moyles Comedy Dave Carpark catchprahse golden days.
I'm baffled by this whole thing, but I thought I'd let it through for entertainment purposes, you know. Although it was originally posted in Ramble so I've moved it over (not as much fun as a merge, but it's a start).
I am. You know, the wedding forum I used (and still pop into now and again) was so badly moderated, it used to make me twitchy. The admins didn't care about spam, ancient thread bumps, people requesting to have their threads locked/deleted, nothing. So annoying.
Ah, I've missed Nic The Moderator! Stand by for thread inspection everyone...!
chrysostom wrote:I've forgotten the word that Nic's work continually filters out! WHO CAN REMEMBER?

I know Chris or Console had set the word juggling to change to knitting...I wouldn't know how to do that though. Kind of wish I did.
mrpop2 wrote:OK OK. Lol.

Moyles was a good host, Comedy Dave and Roy Walker features I also liked was fine breakfast radio.

As for My other point it's controversial but...I wonder if Sara Cox has ever kneed anyone in the balls. :)

Great Britain needs great banter.

Friday show is up (there is no Platinum version)

Agreed it was really poor and it was quite clear t[…]