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bmstinton93 wrote:Did Chris mention on Saturday that their Saturday show gets more listeners than Dermot O Leary or did I mishear? Surely that can't be correct?

Last time I heard that stat, it was that they get more listeners than Dermot specifically in Manchester, which could be true. The graphs etc I saw this time were London only. It certainly won't be true that they get more listeners than Radio 2 nationwide at that time.
Harry Briggs wrote:Rebrand alert!! What do we think? I’m up for a change after the same main jingle for 2+ years. Also the cheesy intro at the start of the show finally dropped.

Only heard the first half hour but the cheesy intro should have been dumped long before now. I thought it was a nice nod to the past on the first show, but I was surprised they persisted with it beyond the first week or so.

I suspect their hand has been forced with the Sandy Beech news - Toby played it on the first day of cover I think, but not after the news broke last Monday and with that in mind, I think that outcome had probably been prepared for. That aside, the jingles needed a refresh anyway.
It’s a tiny change - probably done in house. Nowhere near enough effort, just makes it more in line with the rest of the station.

Weak if you ask me. Was looking forward to a refresh as there is nowhere near enough variation - considering how much they are played due to the appalling ads.
Richard Branson eh.


Well if today's revelations are to be true and he did have a go on those boobies then he is indeed a very naughty boy and I am not surprised.

It was only recently that he got up to massage our very own saviour out the blue (cos that's what I always like to do when I've just met someone).

Too many jellyfishies in powerful positions!
Hi All.

Is anyone having, or had, a problem with the podcast subscription? For 4 weeks now it has not downloaded automatically and the download button is greyed out so I cant do it manually. Other podcasts including the Radio X Vaughan one is ok, just Chris's that wont. Most odd.

Tried unsubscribing and re subscribing. Still wont work.
I've not posted on here for a while. Not that I often did.

I have been listening a lot more to Chris Moyles recently than I used to, and I must say I'm quite enjoying the show. Chris isn't as much of a laddish jerk as he used to be on Radio 1. I did miss Comedy Dave in the early days of the Radio X show, but it's fine without him now.

He may not have the listenership or the profile that he had when he was with the BBC, but he's still doing well, and it seems like he's enjoying himself at Radio X.
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