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MitchOnAStick wrote:Let's face it - the podcast intros are the best thing he does these days anyway.

I can't say I agree with this... some of them are good but I find a lot of them feel quite forced, like they've run out of things to say but are trying to come up with anything new just so they can say its 'unheard' material.. and the whole "lets turn on the mics while we're in the middle of a conversation and pretend we didn't know we'd started recording" intros are feeling very old to me too. Also, what is this obsession with saying how many podcast episodes there have been every week??

It is worrying that the show isn't doing too well but as someone else on here said before, we're some of his biggest fans and many of us aren't enjoying the show as much, so why would an 'average' listener? I wonder how long it'll be before management start to get involved to shake things up - they can't be happy with the way its going can they? As HDSport82 said, it feels stagnant and I'd agree, and the show isn't even 2 years old yet... the R1 show wasn't perfect but after all the years it was on I didn't think it felt stagnant at all! I don't think a lack of advertising is much of a reason either.. if the show was constantly really funny and entertaining, people would naturally talk about it to their friends and people would listen more.
I haven't listened for the last week & haven't really missed it to be honest. Hoped I would, but I'm just not that bothered which is a shame. I've had Grimmy on as a trial and it's not for me either, but I'm not sure what else to try. I've ended up just listening to stuff from my USB stick whilst in the car.

I don't doubt that Chris & the team are putting a lot of effort into the new show, but it just isn't paying off, is it? Loyal, long term fans like ourselves are getting bored/giving up, and as for attracting new listeners, I'm not sure what the selling point of the show is? Chris used to be young, angsty, fat and funny but is now older, contented, trim and tepid.

The breakfast show replays right now are 2009, I think this is the peak. Dave is married and Chris is still with Sophie, the whole team seem to bounce off each other so well when talking about relationships, getting married and kids etc. It made the show have a personal touch which is missing today. I really miss the Chris and Dave relationship and whatever happened wasn't great and I think it's left a bad taste in a lot of folks mouth.
I was listening a week ago at 7am and that was when I truly realised he's gone all channel 5 on us - or should I say ITV2, I started to understand what you all dislike about Keith Lemon.

Moyles starts bangin on about the stupid picture show with Paddy - Which I haven't got the slightest bit of interest in. It's 7am and you're talking about THIS?! Leave that for 9.45, it should only last a minute at most if you're gonna talk about that. Telly never talks about radio does it?

I must say though I think he's been very brave to take another show on given that he's already climbed to the top of his tree. He wasn't really doing anything new. I'd like to see him get out of his comfort zone, regarding TV - It's not him its the execs who are in the wrong. I would like to see him doing something else.

As continuity just seems like deja vu. In life it's good to take on new challenges, I always hoped he would do that. I hope he will always have options on the table which keep him from the celebrity jungle.
After a mini-sabbatical from the show and enduring Grimmy for a bit, I thought I'd tune back in again this week to see if the spark was still there. It isn't.

I think it was yesterday between 6:30 and 7 that Chris said he thought the current show was better than the last few years of the Radio 1 show. Perhaps I'm living in some parallel universe, but I just don't see how that can be the case.

He's always been quite self-indulgent/self important, but I used to find it funny in the R1 days because the show was so funny, random and entertaining that it justified the self-induced hype (also supported by great listening figures).

Once you strip away the dad rock music and adverts, there's not much left to play with in terms of time, and not only is it no longer radio gold, I don't even think it's near bronze.

Suggestions are welcomed for alternative (national) stations' breakfast shows and with great sadness, after around 20 years of Moyles, I think I'm about done :(
I think it's a production problem rather than Chris Aled and Rachel were so good and kept the show fresh I think there was more BBC production input into the show that often shows Chris can I believe and put the polish on but it's important to have a structure
Pippa does a good job I am sure. but the resources just aren't there also
i was going to post something similar - can't believe he thinks the show is anywhere near r1 standard. It really came home when I put in on monday morn and sweet child of mine was playing!!! bore off!

Then all this talk of james corden and the late late show.

There is 0 chance of corden appearing on radio tin pot, no doubt he would have popped into r1, but it all sounded a bit desperate to me. Moyles even made reference to his tv show... I am sorry - but we are now in cringe territory tbh.

What's worse is - I am gutted! Just don't enjoy it anymore, simple isn't enough gold, and i don't feel included in anything special - moyles needs something huge behind him - this aint it.
I've not listened to him this week, or the previous few weeks before his break but I have kept up with the podcast out of some kind of loyalty (which is slowly fading as it's often not really that entertaining sadly). Has his new producer started yet, and if so whats he like?

Since he started on X I have heard him say quite often that "this is some of the best radio I've ever done" which always surprised me as it clearly isn't, but perhaps its positive thinking and the power of persuasion? If he's saying it is, listeners might believe it? It's weird to hear he's still saying it though...
obidankenobi wrote:I've not listened to him this week, or the previous few weeks before his break but I have kept up with the podcast out of some kind of loyalty (which is slowly fading as it's often not really that entertaining sadly). Has his new producer started yet, and if so whats he like?.

Not yet he starts on the 19th. It'll be interesting to see if he's in the studio as well as/instead of audio producer Matt (it'd be a bit harsh to relegate Matt back to just being on talkback).
Its just not the same without Comedy Dave for Chris to bounce off. It was great listening to the pair of them along with Dom just talk about their day to day lives. The quality of the show now just shows how important Dave was to the show.
Hi there, I often come on here and read what's being said and now I've finally bitten the bullet and actually made an account.

Anyway I just wanted to say my thoughts on the show in response to all of your opinions.

Personally I really enjoy the show and continue to wake up at 6:25 to be ready for the 6:30 start. I agree that it's not on the same standard as the Radio 1 show but that was a golden era and we can never replicate that.

Chris is still in my opinion one of the best radio djs out there and even when he's not on his best form he's still better than a lot of others.

The days when the show is very 'commercial radio' orientated such as the £1000 giveaways are annoying and tedious; and restrain Chris from doing his normal thing. I also agree that there can be a lack of structure and 'features' and this is something which I'm hoping we may see some change with when the new producer starts next week. But when you get a show like today or the interviews last week etc. it completely makes it worth it and proves why I listen.

I know the shows getting a lot of negativity and so I just wanted to say through these ramblings that although it has many a flaw, I still continue to get that buzz from it and for that the show is definitely doing something right in my opinion.
More moaning.

Listened to a few podcasts this week as been doing some travelling. One of them was hilarious with Gavin on a train platform. The next one had Dom pretending to be richard branson and I switched it off. The show is getting more listenable to but I wish it was consistently good as opposed to the fluctuation at the moment.
You can't afford this level of mediocrity when you are on a naff advert riddled 'internet' radio station.

And there is far too much of it.

Chris often sounds like he is on a loop - and I don't alwayse get his and Dom's efforts at adlibbing.

It's just second rate now i am afraid.

Not the biggest and best, I listen a bit but often turn over when the ads come on and forget to turn back.
Anyone catch Chris' mini-rant the other day about Scott Mills after some listeners pointed out Matt's game was the same as one Scott played on air a few weeks ago? It seemed somewhat unprovoked. I don't think listeners were accusing them of stealing the game, just pointing out the coincidence - and it was Matt's game anyway, not Chris'. The way Pippa tried to defend Scott's show and Chris wouldn't have any of it left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.
Maybe sour grapes as Scott is still employed at R1 when he is only a month younger than Chris?

I don't get to hear too much of the show now as I only have it on in the car whilst driving to the station; whereas the old days I would listen on the train and also walking to the office. I haven't got as attached to the show as I did the old one, so it doesn't bother me if I don't hear it.
Ben and Mandy tweeted about this Nicola but I didn’t catch it. Don’t suppose someone could clip it for me could they?

Also, one thing me and my friends pick up on whenever we listen is how much radio 1 is mentioned. I get its a huge part of The Chris Moyles Show history but I mean, the show starts with a clip of the cheesy song for gods sake. Let it go!

I am loving the show but I have a sinking feeling Chris may leave at the end of his contract.

Also, I'm not sure what the new producer is adding. Matt is great and fits into the team more easily.

I also think Dom's absence has been really noticeable this week.
I stopped listening to the show for a few weeks but have gradually started up again of late. Perhaps controversially, I think Dom being off this week has helped. Pippa is naturally a laugh anyway, Chris seems to have good rapport with Toby Tarrant when he's on, and Matt/James, who like Toby are also younger than Chris, seem to be keeping him on his toes a bit when it comes to modern things, which I think has brought out his quick wit again. Chris & Dom are too similarly aged for there to be that kind of inter-generational comedy/chemistry. Dom is a mid-40s guy trying to straddle the image Chris paints of him as being an old man, but whilst also still trying to act like a student and a serious newsreader.

Chris Stark has given longevity to Scott Mills' show over at R1 so maybe having a couple of "young'uns" in the CM team will help... if given time to bed in.

As for him staying for the long term - just look how other Radio X presenters have quietly disappeared with very little said. I'd be amazed if Chris ever left so quietly, but you never know!
Some great points. Ultimately for me, it comes back to the scale and quality of the radio station. I need the station to be bigger than Moyles so he feels like he is fighting against it.

This just feels like radio Moyles.

Chris - go away, get some angst back and return to BBC Radio 2.

Honestly I'd take another 2 year sebatical over this average output. I mean, at least vary your jingles a bit more, the self deprecating Moyles makes me sad.

Oh we have lost more listeners... haha.

Not funny.
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