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By Nicola_Red
True. I might start a new one anyway, just for discussion and whatnot.
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By Johnny 1989
Longview01 wrote:Shame they couldn't pick up Mark n Lard as well [emoji14]

As much as I miss Mark & Lard both Mark Radcliffe (along with Stuart Maconie) and Marc "Lard" Riley have superb shows on 6Music, they're really worth listening to
By tro1
It was great to hear Dom this morning. I've heard him on the BBC Kent drivetime show and thought he fitted in seamlessly. It's a big coup for Chris to bring him back as I think he could do a local BBC show of his own on a permanent basis. I don't do twitter as such, but looking at Dom's twitter interesting that the Radio Kent drivetime producer (who also does some presenting too) was saying welcome back and how nice it was to hear Chris and Dom working together again.
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