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By Yudster
And a lot of the stuff that people say was great was actually a steaming pile of shit.
By Emmy
howabout94 wrote:Celebrity Juice is one of the best things on tele.

I have to agree. Around this time last year I got food poisoning and spent one of the worst days I've ever had-unable to move without being in agony and throwing up constantly. But the Celeb Juice episode with Ant and Dec (which I think has gone down in Juice history as one of the funniest shows ever) happened to be on that night and gave me best laugh (in between the vomiting) I'd had in ages and completely cheered me up. There aren't many tv shows that could do that for me. I was delighted when it won the peoples' choice BAFTA, it was so well deserved.
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By The Deadly
chrysostom wrote:To be fair, there was a lot of wank on TV in the 70's, 80's and 90's. It just doesn't get remembered.

Oh absolutely. But if you take the best shows of a similar nature from the 70's, 80's and 90's then Celebrity Juice can't hold a candle to them.
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By neilt0
I didn't get it for the first few shows (I think the first show had Jordan on it, who I really can't stand, so that didn't help).

I thought it was lowest-common-denominator trash, then I understood where Keith was coming from and watched a few more and now it's my favourite show. It's genius. Funniest show on TV.

OOSH! What's the message? SHA-TING!
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Celeb Juice is something your granny would hate and your Guardian reader too.

Its the perfect show for fun (like Moyles was) in a horribly grown up world.

Saturday show is up