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By schmidtee
hi guys, soon as the show stopped i registered for the daily archive download and love it! no complaints, but todays episode isn't there, is there a problem im unaware of? or is it my end? thanks for whoever arranges this though, makes my days at work worthwhile :)
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By Chris
It'll update with the missed show at midnight tonight (and then we'll be a day behind). You won't have missed anything.

Sorry - server issues last night prevented it being updated automatically, and me being in rainy Manchester prevented it being updated manually.
By phelon
So is friday's show just gonna be out on Saturday then? And we can assume business as normal from Monday?

I gotta admit I thought I'd dealt with Chris leaving Radio 1 but after just a few episodes of this podcast went up I'm hooked again and it's like rediscovering something amazing for the first time (bit cheesy I know)

Apologies if this came off a little overbearing - hopefully you know what I mean though, I'm sure we all miss our Saviour :D
By Parsonelli
What an amazing site!
I have a little problem with the podcast app and downloading the shows tho,be greatful for any help.
Its been working fine up until weds the 26th of febs show.its downloaded and plays fine however still has the downloading symbol next to the show in the list,and for some reason wont go thurs and fridays show wont come up and im stuck?
I no i can dl them of of this site but using that app was so easy.
Is there something that i can do to get the shows back working and dl ing in the podcast app?
By phelon
Bit of a lurker on here and I don't want to come across whiney (bit OCD with this sorry) but today's downloaded podcast/episode replay (for wed 17th March 2004) was just the race from Tuesday's Jo Whiley show.

While I can understand that each episode will automatically download the following day, this suggests that we'll be a day behind for the forseeable future and as I was saying about OCD it does mean that come next Monday we'll be listening to a Friday show.

So is it possible for the guys behind the stream to sort this? Not trying to be an arse but I'm sure there are others who may find this a problem too.

Thanks in advance
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By Chris
I've rolled it on to the next day, if you check now you should see Wednesday's download.

At some point it will go out of synch. Holidays, public holidays, special occasions, etc. will throw it out. I can keep winding it forward so that the days match but we'll burn through the archive much quicker.
By phelon
cheers for sorting it mate.
It's cool obviously if some days will throw it out of sync - although prefer to have Monday shows on Monday etc for obvious reasons, don't feel put out if it becomes a bother though - I should be grateful for my fix of the saviour now that idiot Ben Cooper is ruining Radio 1.

As far as burning through quicker - I'm sure 8 and a half years won't fly by that fast ;)
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