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By chrysostom
Sorry, work's been quite mad the last week! Will try and sort an infrastructure in the next couple days :)
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By chrysostom
If anyone would be interested in signing up, I made a thunderclap for #DominickTheDonkey here:

Basically signing up will tweet #DominickTheDonkey from your account on Tuesday at a set time *prepares for abuse*
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By chrysostom
Hey guys, as the account was basically dead I've hijacked it for a comedy night I'm running social for. Yes it's a cheap trick, but the account was dormant for so long. Understand if you think it's a dick move.

In other news, check out @LiveEntComedy :D
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By chrysostom
Haha, as I said - it was dormant and there for the taking for a hobby of mine (there's jack all money in comedy nights and I'm not making anything from doing their social).
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