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By Misfit
Shall we give this a reboot, get the old pictures out and cause some mischief?
Misfit wrote:Shall we give this a reboot, get the old pictures out and cause some mischief?

Miss Chief, May Hem, Les Anya, Jenny Tells and Toby Lerone

Bring back Toby and friends! :D
By Misfit
go on then, im sure we could do our own toby lerone style thing. mars bar for the first person to get grimmy!
A week after the show had ended, I was in an airport and I paged Toby Lerone. It made me smile just doing that. I knew the chances of another person who knew Toby Lerone at Oakland airport was slim, but I had to do it.
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By Aled
Guys, the people you're going for with this campaign is me and my interns. Please don't. These 4 18-20 year old interns may never get to have this opportunity again ever and their one show ever on Radio 1 is railroaded by some other with an agenda that's nothing to do with them.

They chose the three presenters for the show - not management. Please think about this
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By The Deadly
Aled, the people plotting whatever it is they are plotting don't represent the views or thoughts of the majority.

Sorry for the bother.
By bmstinton93
To be fair I don't think anything is being plotted, I think he may have just received tweets making him think so. For example when he did the hashtag voting thing me and Chrysostom both replied with #teammoyles but there wasn't any sort of plot there it was just a random response. And I think I saw Yuds tweet something negative to Aled about the #electcharlie #electnick thing on twitter. I don't really know what this whole intern thing is to be honest.
By JayE
I second what Ben said. Nobody was plotting anything. It was just a draft idea for a reboot of the #TeamMoyles campaign. I thought it was harmless. Maybe I was wrong.
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By Aled
Nah it's just we posted a pic on Facebook about the upcoming interns 'election' and it was completely taken over by pro Moyles language and seeing the language on here about 'let's go for it' I was hoping that some of you we're a part of the Facebook campaign and could help talk some sense.

These interns were a bit crushed because they were so proud of the show they came up with and it's being used to bash Radio 1 bosses with - the last thing the interns wanted was to create any trouble on their one and only Radio 1/1Xtra show.

I'd love to know whether the guys with the group on Facebook knew its me - Chris' loyal producer who's running the campaign they're hijacking.
By bmstinton93
Doesn't that happen on everything to do with radio one that's put on Facebook or twitter though? I occasionally have a look down the comments and see so many pro Moyles comments still from people I don't recognise.

I'm sure it's nothing personal Aled. I think a lot of people do just genuinely miss Chris.
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By chrysostom
We (or any related accounts to #teammoyles) are in no way part of any hijacking of the intern show - that I know of. Only plans for the account is to feed McFly day out, or occasionally bring some Moyles nostalgia. I think the whole #teammoyles trending thing made the point we wanted to - something most likely we won't have enough momentum or reason to do again.

Reading your post, it's very sad that they have to put up with that as they've got a chance that a majority of us would kill for.

I hope they understand that all online campaigns are fraught with these type of problems, (I'd imagine R1 more than any) and don't take it personally.

Best of luck to you and the interns!
By Misfit
Hi Aled

When I suggested a reboot of this, the only thing I was trying to so was give the forum something to start to do again. It was more about the general Toby Lerone thing, of pranking radio shows and giving this forum a little boost in activity and give everyone a little reminder of what we're about on here.
I in no way wanted to hijack any particular show, (especially one run by interns in radio given that's exactly what I'm doing for my uni work based training module at the moment).just have a little fun and games. If it coincided with anyone else acting. Like a pillock that's purely conincidental!

Hope you are well


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By Aled
Ok. Thanks a lot everyone. Much appreciated. I've worked for two months on this and my Brits comp last week and we're almost there! :) very proud of how it's going to sound. Epic but frantic (all those CM birthday shows have trained me well!).

Btw I met Chris for coffee last week and in case you're wondering he's very good. Lost even more weight and is the happiest I've seen him in a while. If we work together again one day I'll make sure you'll be the first to know! :)
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By Yudster
Thanks Aled. Whilst I have little personal interest any more in R1, I think the initiatives with the interns can only be a good thing. If the idea is to develop RADIO talent for R1, rather than continue to draft in C-list TV personalities to be the face of the station, it has to be positive. I haven't really been aware of the work the interns are doing, but I genuinely hope it went well and that it will be influential in the future of Radio 1 and BBC radio as a whole.
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By dimtimjim
Wow, nice to see Al is still around. I too have little to do with R1 anymore, I listen to the odd bit of PM sometimes (when I run out of CM show's on memory stick in the car - I upload a week at a time) and sometimes a bit of weekend stuff when I'm taking my girly home. I'm a bit gutted to be no longer keeping my finger on the pulse with new music, but there is now nothing to draw me in like TCMS did. As lovely a chap as I'm sure he is, to me NG is just not the right guy for the brekkie slot and I can't listen - same way I couldn't listen when SM filled in for CM holidays.

I'm quite relieved though that Al is still in touch with Chris. Still hoping Chris find his way back onto the airwaves somehow or another in the not too distant future. We'll see.
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By Nicola_Red
And we're there. Good work everyone.
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