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By Tunster
colinho wrote:
richbrown wrote:
colinho wrote:At the risk of asking a stupid question, Whenever I try to download shows to my iPhone they play automatically, does anyone know if there is anyway of saving them rather than playi them so I can listen when I choose? Thanks in advance!

Download the app RSSRadio - enter the RSS URL that is on the homepage and it'll download each show for you to listen to when they're available.

Hopefully if the podcast feed can go on iTunes, it'll show up in the Apple Podcasts app so you can choose to stream or download for later.

Top man(I presume) did exactly that and it's worked perfectly, cheers!

I already had RSSRadio and worked perfectly. Shame there isn't an alarm that will play the latest podcast from a series if downloaded overnight so I can use that for waking up.
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By Badger Mark
Downloaded and listened to the whole show. I was struck by how loud and shouty Dom was while reading the news. I'm sure he'd cringe to hear it now. Being an American, the news really hit me since we were living through the GW Bush presidency back in 2004. Very dark days in America back then. If I keep up with this I may have to bypass the 2004 presidential election news period. God that was horrible.
By northernsteve
C-Kay wrote:Everyone sounds different. I don't know if it's the mic's used (technology has come a long way since 2004) or of they just sound younger. Probably a bit of both.

I think they started on Breakfast before the studio refurb, so the mic processing is likely to be different.
By DarroM
What Travis said! Shows do get quite good and one of my favourites from the year is in July where they take the mickey out of Dave for supposedly being drunk. I am currently at June 2005 and the Big Brother talk is quite entertaining especially with Chris ranting about some of the contestants.

I loved Buzz Off when I listened to the 2004 shows and wish it was brought back! Love the buzz off track they play on Friday 9th!
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By Nicola_Red
Realised last night that Dave mentions Harper Lee in his first breakfast tedious link. So in a way, I got mentioned on the first and last shows :)
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By GarethH
Been listening to show 2 this morning. Really interesting to hear Chris talking in the opening link about having newspaper photos done, and that he really didn't like the photo of him with him mouth open in front of the microphone... little did he know that that photo would be used for every article for the next 8 and a half years!
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By chrysostom
Exactly what I thought. On a side note - 2 cracking tunes, Evanescence (Bring me to life) and Maroon 5 (Harder to breathe).

Dom is a lot funnier in these opening shows than he's been for the last few years - it really highlights his character change in the dynamic of the show. Just me?

By the way, here's the advert he keeps referring to:

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By Zoot
I'm really not liking Chris's interruptions during every news story, you can tell Dom is really uncomfortable with it.
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By dimtimjim
Yeah, I don't think its so much Dom not liking it, just Dom knowing Management don't like it. This was one of the things causing a lot of trouble in the ealy days which took time for management to beat out of them.

I'm bit gutted some of the songs are edited out. Not all, admittedly, some are pish, but....
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By Zoot
Also - the show has a very 'Scott Mills - staged gags' feel to it, like the seemingly off the cuff decision to ring the wedding chapel, which leads into a pre organised (and un funny) recorded message gag
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By Travis Bickle
chrysostom wrote:Dom is a lot funnier in these opening shows than he's been for the last few years - it really highlights his character change in the dynamic of the show. Just me?

I think Dom probably changed the least out of himself Chris and Dave. The Moyles of 2012 bore little comparison to the 2004 version and much the same can be said of Dave in my opinion.

Of course over eight years we will all change but I found Dom remained consistently funny throughout.
By JanieRob
Hi - sorry am complete technophobe - I have an ipod and can access itunes but once I'm on there I'm confused about what I do. I put the link in the search box but it came up with not found. Sorry for being such a numpty but I have never downloaded a podcast...!

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By MK Chris
chrysostom wrote:Britney's divorce outranks a tape from Osama Bin Laden on Newsbeat. And people complain about Newsbeat today!

Newsbeat has always been awful - I remember asking Aled after the Brits who chooses the precedence of news stories, because mass killings in Syria was outranked by somebody (Adele?) being cut off by James Cordon introducing Blur at the Brit Awards.

As for the quality of the first shows - I am listening in time with the Podcast, but I agree - give it time. I think by the time the Afternoon Show came to the end, it was less good than it had been in the past - Breakfast gave them a new lease of life, but it was still a shaky start (although only by their own high standards, not by anyone else's); when was the show changed to a 6.30 start, does anyone know? I seem to remember that coinciding with the show really taking off, but my timings could be off.
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