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By Chris
You may have had problems accessing some of the most recently uploaded clips over the past few days as one of our Soundvault mirrors ran out of space, and so was unable to accept the new additions. This has now been rectified and we were able to swap to an alternate server with greater capacity.

For those interested in this sort of thing, the Soundvault now houses 2660 clips which add up to around 25GB, with the extended show archive (here) somewhere around 250GB and growing. The sounds you download are served from one of three servers, each a complete mirror of the others. The website is served from a single machine in London, with front-end cache services provided by Cloudflare from a geographic location close to the visitor. It's operated on a shoe-string with the generosity of many who provide servers and services for free. It's been online for a little over fourteen years and the oldest clip is this one (don't get too excited).

To those who have asked, we were here before Chris presented the Breakfast Show, and we will be here afterwards. This is, not

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