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Where do you want Chris Moyles to go next?

A Radio 1 weekend slot
A Radio 2 weekday daytime slot
A Radio 5 Live show with Dave (Something like Richard Bacon's)
The Absolute Radio breakfast show
North Norfolk Digital (North Norfolk's best music mix)/Other
By swaddon1903
James H wrote:That article rings too true for me, I was all ready to jump on the defending Moyles bandwagon but it's spot on.

I remain baffled that he hasn't started a podcast. It's the only real logical step after radio.

The fact that he still has 3 million Twitter followers but dire YouTube views (even after promoting the hell out of it) speaks volumes. People liked to hear him, not watch him. Quiz Night kinda proved that too.

I did really really want the YouTube channel to work, just to convince him that the public are still interested, but if this isn't a success who knows what he'll do next.

This is pretty much what I was going to say. Although the article does wheel out the tired old 'homophobia' lie, which there is no need for.
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By Nicola_Red
Yep, I agree that the article is pretty much spot on (apart from the homophobia mention which was unneccessary). That line about "there's defeat in his eyes" absolutely kills me. I've never been more convinced that it's over.
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By The Deadly
This is the kind of backlash he would have received on any future project though. Nothing will match up to his Breakfast show days and he'd have been slated regardless. The YouTube vids are particularly poor though.
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By Bruvva
Christ, that photo in the S*n article, looks like someone you'd give a pound coin to outside a tube station.

But yeah, podcasts would be a much better thing for him.
By swaddon1903
I know the videos are not exactly great, but it really does come across that he's trying his best to make them better.

He won't be happy about the articles in the S*n or the Guardian, but there's no such thing as bad publicity. These may be worth a few thousand extra views.
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By monkeyperth
The BBC Trust's own figures report a 20% decline in Newsbeat listeners over the past five years. If one assumes that people aren't switching off for 3 minutes every half hour, I think that's indicative of a fall in radio listening that is likely to continue. Fewer and fewer young people listen to the wireless and I doubt whether the TV shift from live to on demand viewing will be reflected in current and future radio listening trends.

Chris is simply following the trend towards on demand and shorter interactions. Thousands of people are watching it, which, given that it had little advertising until the typically dated and re-hashed 'Moyles is a fat, homophobic, sexist imbecile' articles (copyright all newspapers 199X-), is not bad. He may not receive the bizarre amount of adulation afforded to the vapid Oh My Days and the vacuous Alfella or whatever they are called, but it's good to hear from Chris and I look forward to seeing him or hearing him on something that will attract a wider audience soon. I am sure it is not the end but a new beginning
By David
The Guardian article is pretty spot on - although the comments are brutal and frankly horrible.

The You Tube videos do have brief moments of promise.

This weeks Jake Humphries video, when they are driving around in the car and the bit at the McDonalds drive through was amusing. But there's too much other crap, and it's still built up to be 'me me me' from Chris, when as the Guardian article points out, isn't the way to do it.

If you haven't seen Jerry Seinfelds 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee' then I'd suggest a watch. It's brilliant. Now while I'm not suggesting Chris is up there with the comedy greats like Seinfeld, a few things could be learned from it. It's got a good mechanic. It's well produced. And it's not about Jerry.
By bmstinton93
These articles are actually horrible to read now, especially knowing that we can't really argue with them. The viewing figures are poor. He is looking a bit desperate. Such a shame.
By swaddon1903
Why has the Mirror been so nasty to Chris over the years? Is it because of the feud with the "3 Absolute Mingers", as he called the 3am Girls?
By swaddon1903
A statement from Chris on Facebook:

"Happy Sunday everybody!
So an interesting couple of days. I saw my friend Ben on Friday and he subscribed to my YouTube channel and became the 10,000th person to subscribe. Which was nice. Then on Saturday we celebrated my friend Tim's birthday and today it's my other friend Becks birthday celebrations. Fun.
Oh, and I was also in a few newspapers for being a loser and not being as popular as I used to be. Not sure if you saw any of the coverage. Sadly I didn't see the article in The Sun as like most people these days, I don't buy newspapers. But as it was after The Guardian, The Mirror AND The Mail Online, I reckon I can guess the tone of this 'breaking news' piece.
My thoughts, well they'll come later don't worry. The main thing is that it has given me a HUGE amount of publicity for the channel. Subscribers up, views up, comments up. If any journalist is reading this, please feel free to write a similar article next month, and maybe the month after that. That would be awesome. Thanks!
It's interesting to see how 'news' is delivered these days. One article in one paper, is copied and re-written in several other papers, with little or no acknowledgement to the original piece. Each new 'take' on the story generally comes with it's own 'unique' angle. And ALL have an agenda. That for me is the most interesting thing about this 'story'.
So to summerise, it's all good people. In fact, it's more than good. If the point was to embarrass me and make me run away and hide .. it 100% hasn't worked. Haters will hate, and people who support me will do so with comments and tweets that they send me. Thanks for that. It's much appreciated.
The videos will continue. People will choose to watch them or not, like them or not ..etc That's the way it is with everything.
Have a lovely day everybody. I'm off to have a fun day and then sort out next weeks video .. I think I have an idea of what I want to talk about ...
PS Do you know I have a YouTube channel....??"

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By G-Sizzle
I've very much got my cynical hat on here, but maybe the reason this became "news" was because Chris's people got it in the papers? Any publicity is good etc?

I don't think you are able to "buy" views on YouTube like you can buy followers and RTs on Twitter, so maybe this was a deliberate tactic to drive views up?
By swaddon1903
G-Sizzle wrote:I've very much got my cynical hat on here, but maybe the reason this became "news" was because Chris's people got it in the papers? Any publicity is good etc?

I don't think you are able to "buy" views on YouTube like you can buy followers and RTs on Twitter, so maybe this was a deliberate tactic to drive views up?

No, I don't think so. The Mirror especially have always had it in for Chris, and this was too good an opportunity to miss for them to stick the boot in again.
By Misfit
It's too scripted. The show was mainly ad libbed which might be why we like the messin about with mates but not his pieces to camera
By ritchie
Yeh - on his own, talking to camera - just not right.

Therefore - get a sidekick in.

Thinking about it, there was this guy he used to chat with, almost since the first time I heard him on air? What was his name? They had a great chemistry, really believable good mates.

Yeah - would be a good idea something like that. But sod the visual aspect; it started at Radio 1 - Why the * is it all visual? I don't wanna stare at a small screen all mornin, or late at night - I just want it in my ears.

Like err... A radio show... Or podcast.
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By Badger Mark
A different take on the Moyles Youtube experience. ... les-radio/

This was in response to the recent negative articles. The bulk of the stuff specifically about Chris is at the end. I think he makes some valid points. However, I really don't watch much Youtube content, and I know nothing about what it takes to be successful on Youtube. I'm not really qualified to say one way or the other.
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By Yudster
I was half asleep so I may very well have dreamed or imagine that I heard Chris Evans say this morning (at about 6:40 ish?) that Steve Wright was leaving the afternoon show...? But what if it WASN'T a dream..?
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By Nicola_Red
I can find nothing online to corroborate him leaving. Also that pic of him adds nothing to the story...
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By Yudster
I expect I imagined it. That time in the morning isn't a great time for coherence I find.
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By Nicola_Red
No, I know what you mean. I convinced myself that I'd heard that Fiona from Grimmy's show was pregnant, I'd heard nothing of the sort.
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