The place where everyone hangs out, chats, gossips, and argues
By erotic_dancing_gnome
hello new member, well not yet, hope its not too boring, been reading some of the messages. any tips on who to avoid and who to befriend
By Lazy_Gimp
Befriend me!! I'm dead cool man!!  <IMG SRC="">
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By Roddy
hey, befriend me, cos everyone here hates me  <IMG SRC="">
OK tips for survival on Moylesworld:<P>Dont like Roddy<br>Dont like Sara Cox<br>Dont say "Hell yeah" (eg Roddy)<br>Dont write hundereds af messages saying how u love Chris Moyles and everything he does (eg sigimck)<br>Dont annoy the webmaster (like Roddy)<P>
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By Roddy
ho ho, nice one Johnce, u should show some respect, i've got us a drummer
By Kate
Make me your one and only bestest friend in the world! Although, I never ever keep the same name! Oops. But hey I'm cool, and keep writing the funny replies to our story and we'll keep lovin ya!
By Lara
i don't care if i'm your friend or enemy....
By Cov_are_staying_up!!!!!
anyone wanna talk to me??????
By the_dr
See the MoylesWorld chat thread, and follow by instructions at the bottom to chat. Im in the chat room now with Hells Angel.<P>the_dr
By Cov_are_staying_up!!!!!
ok thanks
By winker
I'm afraid to say that the ginger welsh scallywag can't save you from visiting such places as Grimsby, Preston and Huddersfield nest season mate. Welcome to here by the way.
By Cov_are_staying_up!!!!!
hi.i know,if we're gonna stay up we need to beat liverpool next saturday.
By Guest
Cov- unfortuneately are doomed. Strachs over Robbo anyday
By 4fakerealthatisengthyo
coventry? ha! i wouldnt let them ****  on my toilet seat.
Just Found the Chris Moyles Site, it is wick'd. So whats ur name and where you come from?
By Tom_Murphy
Hi i'm reginald. <P><br>i come from cornwall.
By stevotrash
If you want to get in contact mail me Jesus, care of the pentagon
hi am Ben from stoke-on-trent  :) nice to meet u ppl
By perranrobsonuk
Im from cornwall as well i also have a wierd name (Perran)
By Guest
Hi, i'm Loz and i have tits
By stevotrash
Lozza, didn't know that you went out with the chuckle brothers
By Simon
I'm simon and i don't have tits but if i did then i would play with them constantly
By jodie
hello everyone clare told me to come on ere so thats wot im doin dunno wot to say mind <br>cya
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