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By Chris
On the main page we have launched the 'Breakfast Show Replay' - we are replaying every Chris Moyles Breakfast Show starting with the first and ending sometime around 2020(!).

The shows have been edited to remove the music to speed downloads and for reasons of copyright - we own a huge debt of gratitude to a team of people on the Sound section of our website for their dedication in recording, editing, uploading and cataloguing these files.

You may listen/download the show from the front page of the site, or you may subscribe to our RSS feed which will automatically make the shows available to your podcast reader.

If you wish to subscribe to the podcast using iTunes, then you should do the following:

podcast1 (1).png

and then enter the URL when prompted

If you've missed a show, or want to jump ahead, then all the currently available downloads are here

The podcast has been removed from the iTunes directory.
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By MK Chris
This is cracking - downloaded to my phone automatically overnight, played it out getting ready for work this morning - brilliant idea! It's just a shame the BBC didn't finish it at the end of the year... the Christmas shows are going to be slightly skewiff - but then having said that, as Chris said in another thread, they are going to get slightly out of sync - particularly with eight weeks holiday a year, it'll only take just under seven years to play them out.

Thank you for all the effort that went into this (Chris and I believe Console).
By samlondon
I've been a lurker on this site for a while, but had to finally sign up to say a massive THANK YOOOOOU! Woken up this morning feeling bereft at the lack of show and then saw this! Yay! I can't believe how much music they played on the first show! And Dom's news reading voice is reminiscent of his 'frothy bevvy' tones!

Chris, this is brilliant. Personally I won't use it as I already have every show downloaded and I don't get time to listen but it is a very good idea subscribing via iTunes. Thanks Chris and Console. Also I think Mike who originally uploaded the shows deserves thanks as these wouldn't be here without him.
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By richbrown
This is a brilliant idea. Thank you for everyone who has worked on it. Would someone be able to submit it to iTunes so that it propagates to the Podcast directory? It would show up on a lot more platforms then without having to enter the rss URL. I can submit it if you're happy for me to do so and there aren't any legal complications involved.
By asy1mpo

I have subscribed on iTunes and listening to first show now.

Is there a thread on forum to talk about the Breakfast Show Replays - discuss each show each day. Don't want to duplicate a thread!

It has much more music than now! Aled sounds the same. Dave too. Chris is bit more high pitched. Dom is still a bit "frothy bevvy".
An excellent idea great service been a huge fan over the years but only recently signed up to the site. Was wondering what to do in the mornings from now on but have now got the next 7 years sorted brilliant brilliant idea just cut the greens at work and listened to the first show loved it all over again.
By lmp
Thanks, this is amazing! No need to ever listen to BBC Radio 1 again!

Just a technical question though. I followed the instructions for iTunes yesterday, and that show uploaded fine. However, it has not automatically downloaded today :s so I was just wondering if it will happen later in the day or if there is something else I need to do? I right-clicked and selected 'Update Podcast' but nothing happened.

Thanks! x
Subscribed and also did you know you are number 2 in podcast charts
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By lilgemm
Hi Guys,

I just wanted to say a big big BIG thank you for all your hard work over the years and dedication to sharing the Moylesy love!!

I have been an avid and loved up fan since the afternoons. I don't know what it was.. I guess being from Leeds myself and leaving my hometown many years ago I miss and love hearing the same attitude, the same humour and accent. I can relate beyond believe! His cheeky, honest and great mates just win you over for down to earth funny radio.

But, as we all know, as the years roll on you become more and more close to him, to the team, they become part of your life.

They go through life with you after this many years!

I want to show you my only and final email I sent to Chris when I heard the news they were finishing the show. (please bear in mind I had JUST found out from living in Mexico so was shellshocked)!! lol..



I have been hearing you every day since the sad news talk about the negative comments and reviews and I just don't get it.

The small minority that complain, like all typical brits love to, just want to moan about something, anything. And you are an easy target.

This is the most devastating news I've heard in years, and you should be focussing on your millions of devoted, loving fans who are heartbroken and devastated you'll all be leaving us.

It might seem over the top and sound insane but you don't know what his show means to me. It's been the show to my life..

When I moved to South Africa sometimes it was the only thing that kept me going! In my darkest times away from England, when my friend killed himself and I spent months depressed in bed, when I couldn't get a job, when my wife left me, when I was SO lonely and homesick.. I had The Chris Moyles Show - To remind me of home, to make me laugh -

Your show saved me from SOOOO many bad times, dark moments throughout all of the last 8 years of my life…

3 weeks ago I moved to Mexico and as scared as I was - and am!
Alone, not speaking the language away from all my loved ones, I knew that at least every week no matter how depressed or homesick I got, I could stick on Moylesy and I would feel connected to home, to all you guys, to a family of sorts..

It's sounds insane but this is totally devastating for me.

You really were my saviour.

nb. * the haters - They just need to get laid.


I can honestly say when I found out through my mate in England the show was finishing I actually got scared!! Lol. Really! Because when I moved here I thought, well, no matter how lonely or scared I get, every day I've got the show to pick me up. Now how am I going to cope?? :)

Your website has been a big part of giving me my Moyles fix when I am living out of the country, so I owe a big thank you to you. When I saw your book on the show and heard it I was so proud of you guys! You must have felt the same! You reduced em to tears! Hehe. I wish I had been part of that too.

This replay podcast from you guys is yet again going to save me - and I get to share the experience and the joy! with (probably thousands, if not millions of) others.

What more can I say?

Again.. Thanks for all your hard work. You have helped to touch peoples lives just as the Moylesy team.

ps. I am a web designer so if you ever need any help with techy or laborious things give me a shout
By d000hg
This is a really great resource and the time taken to edit every show must have been incredible.

I have one question about the reply - you're not officially 'broadcasting' each day's replay show, right, that we can all be listening in-sync?
By DazG
Im sort of a week late on this, subscribed last night as this is a brilliant idea.

One question though...

How do i get the 4 shows I've missed when i subscribed it only downloaded me Friday 9th January 2004 show and i would like the full set.

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