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Day 1: 14:58

Whilst the control panel wiring was underway, the monitor shelf was built and installed.
It's basically a short box with cross-braces for strength. Its got to withstand a 19" monitor .. pretty heavy.

Seven screws, plus glue hold the frame to the side of the cabinet.
The back of the monitor frame has holes to pass wires through from the top half to the power in the bottom (when we install it).

Day 1: 18:13

After some food, and some shopping for more parts the control panel got a bottom. This, as for all the other pieces was cut, screwed and glued together. Before putting this piece on we disassembled the entire cabinet to glue all the battens.
A front view-so-far ...

Day 1: 18:53

The other eight buttons I decided to mount on the front plate. These are the one and two player start buttons, plus the coin buttons and the extra player buttons. I'll remap them to useful key-presses when the thing is assembled.
You can see the main control panel and the extra buttons together. The hand is vital to the photo, we mis-cut the left edge of the front board - but replaced it later on.

Day 1: 19:46

We weren't quite sure if cooling was a requirement, the case is pretty roomy - but we added an equipment fan just in case. For now, it's left unplugged but I'll monitor the temperature in the case and see.
This is the rear of the vent with the fan - just a standard vent plate, originally silver but sprayed black to match the rest of the cabinet (when decorated).

At the base of the cabinet, to allow airflow through, there is a fan vent - again sprayed black.
Here you can see some of the electrics going in. The idea is that there is a single socket leaving the cabinet which connects to the adapter block you can see. It needs five sockets for the monitor, PC, fan, marquee light and the powered speakers.

This isn't pretty, but it's a light switch. We decided to use this for controlling the cabinet power.
The other side of the cabinet, showing the light switch.

Day 1: 21:41

Next to install was a strip-light. This came with a diffuser which seemed sensible. It also happened to be exactly the right width for the cabinet.
It's screwed to a bracket, and then plugged into the adapter on the cabinet base.

Obviously the PC in the cabinet will need periodic updates, so there we installed a network port. This way the cabinet will hang off our home network and allow manipulation of rom images, or other files remotely.
The inside of the back panel.

Day 1: 22:40

The lower front panel was designed to be removable, so I could get to the monitor controls if I needed to. We used some cabinet clasps.
You can see the other end of the clasp on the removable front panel. The panel itself has two small holes drilled in so you can insert something like a screwdriver to remove it.

Here you can see the front panel in place.
The perspex front for the screen is held in place by a frame glued to the inside of the cabinet.

The frame was measured, and fixed into place allowing for the thickness of the plastic, plus the same mountings on the front once the plastic is in place to hold it.
Here you can see the plastic in place (with the protective coverings still on).

Day 2: 00:15

Some half-round edging was added to the frame of the cabinet to give it a nicer appearance when painted. It also hides some of the less well cut edges!
The same mounts as for the main screen were added to the top to hold the marquee (double thickness plastic with a printed image sandwiched between).

And that's it. The cabinet is constructed!
The last step was to get the thing to its final resting place, which unfortunately was over 100 miles away. The only way to get it home was on the roof. Luckily it was the middle of the night so not many people saw!

Construction Complete

This is the cabinet in its home, with the screen installed and the light on. Something that became obvious was that the monitor was too low. Before it is painted we'll construct a box to raise it.
The cabinet with the screen, and a very temporary marquee.


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